Expandable Flap PNY Availability!

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  1. I have searched all over the threads but couldn't find the answer!

    Sorry if this question has been asked before!

    I was just wondering if the expandable flap in Paris/New York is really from the last season and stores are no longer carry this collection???

    Thanks for all your inputs IA! :heart:
  2. no where to be found, I have been looking for a while as well, i think at this point ebay is out best shoot and there are none on ebay currently. Good luck with your search!
  3. Hi. I just bought this bag in black in Neiman Marcus in San Fran and saw it in navy in the Chanel Boutique in New York if that helps. Happy Hunting!
  4. Thanks for BagLover26 and VKD! :heart:

    VKD....are you getting the current season Expandable or the PNY expandable that I'm asking? I just got a little bit confused with their availability. :smile:
  5. there are 2 different ones and they're from totally different lignes and seasons.
    The PNY Flap - the original expandable - is from last year and is pretty much sold out.
  6. :yes: Thank you for clearing my thoughts!

  7. oh good! LOL!
    I was taking a shot in the dark, I wasn't sure if I was understanding your question :smile:
  8. Hi, sorry, I didn't mean to confuse everything. I'm newly converted to Chanel so I thought you must be talking about the new style expandable. Sorry!!! I hope you find it! V