Expandable flap pink, navy Lux patent work tote, red classic lambksin clutch at NM SF

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  1. We got in some new shippment this week.

    We have the expandable flap in powder pink, Luxury by Chanel patent work tote in navy, timeless classic lambksin clutch in red, a bunch of madisons, new lock in white, rock and chain small hobo in white, rock and chain small flap in white. We also did get in the large leather coco cabas in black. If another shippment does come, I will post them again.
  2. eexpandable in powder pink, mmmmmmm, sounds yummy
  3. Do you have pictures of pink expandable & red lambskin? Thanks.
  4. Pink!!!
    I love pink!!
  5. Pics of the pink please.....sound yummy! Thankyou.
    Are the Madisons the patent ones?
  6. Christine - would it be possible to see a photo of the red lambskin timeless classic clutch (if it's not too much trouble)? Is it the same shade of red as the new red classic flaps?
  7. PINK?! hehehe. let us see!!!
  8. I have pics but I can't post until I get home tonight. The red lambskin clutch is same shade of red as the caviar flaps. Prices of clutches are going up on Saturday!
  9. OMG Expandable in PINK??? *faints*
  10. How much is the Navy lux tote? Thanks!
  11. Here is the pics of the expandable..I just got it via email.(THANKS CHRISTINE...IM SO BUYING THIS!!!LOL!)
  12. Christine..feel free to email me the other pics to post for ya too..Im home bored..LOL
  13. boy, that's pretty!!

  14. Mine, Mine MINE!!! :drool::love:
  15. ^LOL..ME too..Im in love,,,Im gonna not get the camel one tomorrow and get this instead.