Expandable flap owners please chime in...

  1. I recently found an expandable flap that I like. Its one of those bags that I only like in one color. I've had a chance to see it in a few colors and it does not do anything for me.

    But i saw it in the off-white color and I'm liking it.

    The leather is soft but not too soft and it seems like it can fit a good amount.

    Those who own an expandable can you give me the pros and cons of this bag? Durable, comfy, etc.,

  2. Geez. No one???
  3. I got this expandable flap earlier in the year in black but sold it. It's a great bag but just too big for me, and b/c you can fit a lot of stuff in it would eventually get too heavy for me. There have been a few posts recently about how a light color expandable wears (doesn't seem to hold up as well as the darker colors perhaps, plus some stitching has unraveled?) in time so you might want to consider that.

  4. I have the beige. It is a great day bag. I wear it zipped - otherwise it is too big. The bag came perfect, wears well - no problems. The white is very pretty. Go for it.

  5. So its not sensitive to stains or tears as far as you know? I am not rough w/ my bags but i don't want to be on pins and needles either. KWIM?
  6. I am careful with my bags too. I did spray the expandable with a stain/waterproofer and it has stayed very clean. I also own a white cavier jumbo flap and it has stayed pristine. I don't believe I sprayed that one. I have never caught a stitch on the expandable on anything. The only thing I do not love about that bag is that if it gets weighed down with too much stuff it tends to pull in a bit around the latch area. I don't see it as a structural problem, but more of an aesthetic irritation.

  7. What brand of stain, waterproof did you use? that sounds like a good idea.....especially for the stitching which would be hard to clean once it gets soiled.

    Also--I would love to see it being carried w/ something inside. Do you have a modeling pic of it w/ stuff inside and not empty?

  8. Oh. Also is it lambskin for for the new ones or calf?
  9. The stainproofer/waterproofer came from Nordy. I am at work so cannot check the brand. I have no modeling pictures but it is on my To Do list. I think Jill on this forum has posted several pics with her expandables. She has 2 expandable flaps as I recall and 1 or maybe 2 expandable totes. You might try running a search for her posts. The leather is calf.
  10. I have the flaps and 2 of the totes..Can ya tell I adore this collection?LOL
    I know COUGESS has the bag u love actually..try asking her.I love these bags.I think my fave is the black though....ythe choc brown is killer too.Im afraid of the light colors...in ALL BAGS..I always go dark..LOL!
    I do have lots of pics thruout the forum of me with the bags....Do a search.
  11. Thanks. Now i think I like the brown too but ave not seen it in person so cannot say for sure:p
  12. I have the expandable flap in pink and the tote in navy. I love them. They are comfy, hold alot, and are gorgeous. Would recommend them!!:tup: