Expandable Flap in Brown

  1. I've been told buy the UK SA's that this style will not be available in Europe for next fall. Does anyone know where I can purchase this bag that will do international shipping?? I don't mind waitlisting for it if it is not currently available. TIA:tup:
  2. Have you tried calling Paris stores ? I just visited last week, apparently they may ship but it depends on the store and sales staff. They had expandable flap in brown and black too. I even bought one for my collection.
  3. iLL ASK MY chanel sa if she ships international in the AM
  4. Thanks Jill, your flap is beautiful. Thanks Kr11s as well, I'll try Paris but I had no luck in trying to get them to ship in the past. They always said I had to place an order through the boutiques here.
  5. I believe Saks, NM and Nordstrom will ship internationally. U can check them out! They should carry expandable flap brown.
  6. Hi.

    I'm in the UK. Neiman Marcus definitely does international shipping; I've got stuff before but the tax/custom duties hurt (:tdown: ouch!) so Paris might be a better EU bet.
  7. Thanks Kelly, I'm just waiting for someone to PM me the style number for this bag and then I'll try to order it from Paris. I'll keep the forum posted on what happens!!!!