Expandable Flap Anywhere?

  1. In black?? Thanks!
  2. PM'd you;)
  3. i'm interested to know too.. i wanna get this one
  4. i want too! pls pm me! tks
  5. CALL Jillian at PALM BEACH GARDENS ,Florida CHANEL STORE......she got me all my bags!
  6. i saw it a few weeks ago at NM cherry creek mall
    303/329-2600 ext. 2027, ask for Ruth, she is the sweetest!
  7. I'm also looking for this bag. Does anyone know how much it is?
  8. ^^This is what I'm looking for also. Any help is greatly appreciated :biggrin:
  9. I saw this a few days ago at my NM. :smile: You can reach the store at 914-428-2000 and ask to be transferred to ext. 2517 to speak with Michael... I've also used Eileen (I actually saw the black expandable flap when I purchased my brown expandable tote from her). :smile:

  10. That is the new small one. It is very pretty.
  11. I saw the black expandable flap at Chanel @ Millenia mall - Orlando. June was the SA who answered all my question with great patience and politeness.
  12. Check out Chanel boutique and NM, San Francisco. I saw they had Black and brown. The price was 2,650.-
  13. Jill, You 're the queen of expandable bags. I would like to know how well it can hold. Does the bottom of the bag sag at all when you put stuffs in there. Thank you!!