Expandable Fell Apart!!! :(

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  1. i hunted high and low for an ivory expandable and when it finally arrived, i was so happy. i brought it along on my vacation and it was barely out of my suitcase when i realised the link between the chain and the strap came loose!!!!

    i was horrified. i quickly took it to the local chanel boutique. great service considering i bought the bag in a different country. they fixed it. but i am so disappointed with the slipshod craftsmanship. i'm wondering if i should return it. i really like the bag but i can't help but think it's defective. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. I should say.. RETURN! Even if you found your long hunted handbag.. Would it be worth it if you have a broken handbag?
  3. if its my bag i would return bec i would always get paranoid that it would happen again
  4. Oh bummer :sad: Depends on how much you like the bag... I would see how it goes after a few uses and if it looks like it would come apart again, then surely it's better to return it.
  5. New expandable??? really wonder .. what happen to quality control??? when the price kept going up??? arrghhh
  6. That sucks, gosh, return it and get it replaced! If you live in london I saw one in Selfridges about 3 weeks ago.
  7. I'll return and replace it
  8. Oooh. Sorry. Happened to my new red patent luxury ligne bowler.... Chain came off the strap after 2 gentle outings! I am opting to fix it and keep it since I like it so much but it is extremely annoying. Fodder for DH, for sure!
  9. Depends on how much you love it. And, if the SA could find another one for you.
  10. I would ask my SA to find me another one, assuming you think the defect is in your bag solely and not the entire line. I think you should still be able to find one in the system somewhere.

    I am so sorry this happened to you!!! I'm glad they were able to fix it though -- it's such a lovely bag.
  11. Did it get Squished in yer suitcase?
    I have 2 expandables..No probs with mine
  12. IF there iso ne available I owuld def exchange it for a new one :biggrin: good luck with the search!
  13. Return. Not worth the headache of thinking you bought a defective bag.

    Great thing you experienced such great CS though.
  14. sorry to hear that..