Expandable, disturbing mystery paddy at Saks...

  1. I was in Saks in NYC today, and saw a Paddy I have never seen before. It was a shoulder bag with a long strap, sort of oblong/ half moon shaped (I think), and the bottom had a zipper that you could unzip to expand the bag out width wise. It was stark white leather with gold hardware and padlock. I looked inside the bag for a tag to see what it was called, but no luck. Has anyone seen this bag?

    The leather on this bag was NOT the Paddy leather we're all used to. It felt kind of pleathery, and it was very smooth. If I hadn't seen it in Saks, I would have thought it was a knockoff because of the leather. Very disturbing.:sad:
  2. I have not seen this style.

    Although most of the 07 paddys feel pleathery to me. I agree, if I had seen the new white white blanc anywhere but NM, I would have sworn it was a fake.
  3. someone posted earlier in the shopping section about a new hobo style. i wonder if this could be it?
  4. Could it be the new Paddy in the summer 2007 accessories collection in the Chloé website?
  5. Yes, eucalyptic, that's it! They have it shown in dark brown on the website.
  6. i saw the same bag at Saks, and then later went to the Chloe store and saw it there, too. it's the new hobo for summer 07. i don't like the white one, but the ecru one (in the chloe store) is very nice.
  7. Anyone Know The Price Of It Or Have A Picture As I Cannot See It On The Chloe Site?