expandable bags!!!!!!!! has anyone seem them

  1. has anyone seen the expandable in off white irl? I just wait listed for this bag and I think it will be my perfect white Chanel bag . If you did see it can you compair the size for me. Is it like baby cabas size except longer not as wide? any info would be great.
  2. Only in pics, not IRL. I can't wait though. It looks like a great bag.
  3. if the expandables are the bags with the chains running through their sides making almost a pleated effect (and making the bag expand!) and with the sideways CC on the front, they are TDF! 2 diff sizes, one medium and one big....if the bags i am talking about here are the expandables, then the large one is probably the size of the baby cabas..i have seen the bag in white, baby blue, and tan.....stunning
    prob saw it in black too..............
  4. ^^^ I think Claudia is referring to the Diagonal. The expandable has the zipper across the bottom. I haven't seen it IRL, but I spoke with my SA about it and he strongly recommended it. This bag actually expands compared to the expandable look of the PNY, which I have been told did not actually expand.
  5. I saw the expandable tote and flap in person and both are to die for. I am waitlisted for the flap in black. I think you are very close with your size estimate of the tote--it's similar in size to the Cabas but seems a bit longer and not as wide. I had a Cabas (returned it) and I really prefer the way the expandable tote looks on. It's a gorgeous bag--I'm sure you will LOVE it!
  6. YAY! lol sounds good . Just found out the tote comes in a blue like a robins egg blue. But I am going for the White tote!!!I cant wait.
  7. I saw the white expandable tote at the trunk show and it was alot bigger than I thought it would be. The color is TDF and the bag is gorgeous. I am waitlisted for the expandable flap in black and white. I also saw the navy tote and it's also beautiful.
  8. anyone got pics? would love to see
  9. I've seen both the flap and the tote IRL in dark white. If I were getting a summer bag this season it would be the expandable in dark white. The color is great! The tote is a little on the larger side.

    If you are looking for a pic do a search for the thread where somebody posted all the pics from NM in Chicago. That is where I saw the bag - at the trunk show. And I think there may have been a pic of one in there.
  10. I believe it's this?
  11. I saw the expandable flap in navy and that is what I waitlisted for. I originally wanted the dark white because it looks so yummy, but I couldn't pass up a chance to get a beautiful navy bag by Chanel. I have been wanting a navy bag for awhile. I like the size. I have a baby cabas and think the flap expandable is a tad smaller, but both are really similar in size.
  12. That's it! Thanks for posting. Hmmm with an Incircle event coming from NM I am so tempted.

  13. Does the Expandable Flap come in navy? Silver hardware?
    Hmmmm....that's SOOOOO tempting. I heard it was only beige, white and black.
    I'm a sucker for blue bags.
    Is it a DARK Navy or a lighter navy like the Blue that the Caviar Flap comes in?
  14. It comes in dark navy with silver hardware. I saw it in person and it is stunning--a wonderful true navy blue!
  15. Wow!! that is gorgeous!! How much does it cost??