Expandable BAG!!

  1. Does anyone know the price of the expandable bag?? Is there only one sizes? Thx~~
  2. 2395 or 2495
  3. addisonshopper! is that in US funds??
  4. the one that looks like the LV Noe (shaped like a sack) is $2250...the one like Jills is $2350
    there is a classic flap about 10" long also, dont know price of that
  5. Purse-onality~~ Thank you so much for ur info! The one I like is the one that Jill has!! $2350 is that in USD funds?
  6. the one jill has is 2395USD.
  7. Hi there are 3 sizes one is a flap over 2 are totes the med size tote has a longer strap and the Large has a shorter strap but is wider hope this helps...xxS
  8. hmm i wonder what it looks like...
  9. i think the flap is 1650 USD.
  10. ummm...anyone has the bags of different sizes??
  11. Sorry typo** I mean pix not bags....>.<