Expandable Bag

  1. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America currently has both sizes of the Expandable collection available in black. I especially like the larger tote version! This would be a great replacement for anyone who does not want to wait for the coco cabas reissue.
  2. Since you compared it to the Cabas, does the larger tote fit easily over the shoulder?
  3. Yes....VERY easily. The leather on the bag is amazing, as well.
  4. Pic? Never seen this bag
  5. yes, pic pls.....
  6. I have some pics :p

  7. this pic makes it look more E/W than it obviously is

  8. I have it in the big flap version..I LIVE in it..FAB BAG!
  9. Beautiful bag, but I think I am too short to wear this one :crybaby:
  10. what's the price?
  11. 2250. for the smaller tote and 2395. for the flap
  12. Here is a picture of the small expandable in black.
    Small Expandable.JPG
  13. ^I have that bag..Its AMAZING!
  14. Jill,
    Can you show a picture of you wearing the exapandable bag? Thanks.
  15. do a search..I have an entire thread on it!