expandable and baby cabos

  1. :confused1: :confused1: Hi Guys. Haven't checked in for a while, but am back on the bandwagon for a chanel bag. Does anyone know if there are any baby cabos in bronze around? (I know this must be a stupid question but thought I would ask anyway) Also, not having seen it IRL what are youre thoughts on the beige expandable tote? (not the one with the flap, the one that looks hoboish) Does it look nice in person, comfortable?) Thanks guys, I really value youre opinions
  2. Well, there were several reports that the baby cabas in khaki (name of the bronze color) will be coming out again in the fall. You should try to call around to see if you can get your name on any of the waiting lists.
  3. I put myself on the list at Nordstroms at Mall of America.
  4. I signed up for the dark silver one at Chanel on 57th St. (NY) with Brendan..
  5. i just ordered the one with the flap. the leather is to die for. absolutely gorgeous.
  6. Jeshika - I wanted one too! Which color did you get? I'm hoping to see it in person before I go for it. Since I have really narrow shoulders, I'm afraid that the straps will slide (my cambon tote does that and it urks me to no end :cursing: ). When you get it in, do you mind letting me know how it sits on the shoulders? TIA
  7. i got the one in the camel beige. i saw it at 57th st chanel in NY and the moment i put it on my shoulders i fell in love :heart::heart::heart:
    I think the little strip of leather will keep it on your shoulders. It sat so well when i put it on. I have a cambon bowler and i find that the straps are very slippery.

    It should be shipped to me tomorrow (Yay EGC event!) and I am expecting to get it sometime on Monday since it's coming from Portland to NY. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I will be sure to post pictures and let you know how it is. :roflmfao: