Jun 10, 2007
I love the look of them but my a snake phobia means I'll probably never be able to get myself to buy any.

Anyone start from how I feel and get over it or have you ladies always been fans of exotics?

And what is your favourite?


Banned and Bad!
Apr 10, 2010
I guess I am lucky since I love the feel of living snakes, although I admit I am not too keen on wearing them for other reasons. I did splurge on my first pair of new exotics (which I never thought I would buy new) but they were a super deal -as much as or cheaper than buying used CLs- so I went for it. I own a python clutch that I really fancy that I bought on consignment back in the day. I think you personally might find it helpful to try the exotics on in the store and don't be scared to spend some time getting used to the texture and look. I suggest something colourful too so that you don't see a beige and black specked skin and automatically get squicked out. Most importantly, if you find you are not attracted to them don't get them! There are tons of other fun textures out there if you can't get into snakey scales.