1. What are the current prices on exotic H Bags? Ostrich, Croc Matte and Glazed? How much extra you have to pay to SO them with Ruthenium or Guilloche hardware? Sizes 30,35? Kellys and Birkins

    PS: I am on a shopping ban until I save enough for a 35 Croc Birkin.:yes:
  2. 35cm Ostrich Birkin was $14,800...a few weeks ago
  3. Ooo sounds nice (croc 35cm). Sorry cant help you on the pricing since DH bought me my Rouge H croc Birkin 35cm with PH. I do remember there being a thread that posted current pricing. Did you check the reference section?
  4. Ostrich Birkin 30cm was $12700 + tax before the price increase in February ...
  5. Pre-price hike, 32cm Sellier Croc-$16,600
  6. Is it a Kelly or HAC?
  7. Rouge H Croc combination must be gorgeous. I originally wanted the same, but I kind of like Rouge VIF a little better now.
  8. 28cm croc sellier Kelly, post price hike, app. $18,000.
  9. ^ Daaaaamn. So about AU$25,000. *sigh* One day.
  10. croc prices :crybaby:
  11. To answer the original poster's question - after the price hike, 35 Porosus Croc Birkin: $30,900 before taxes.

    (kinda makes the Croc Kellys look positively inexpensive, doesn't it?:p)
  12. Wow, I think last time I checked the price for croc 35 porosus Birkin was 28,000. What a price hike, considering I will probably be paying Canadian markup(they call it conversion rate) plus the 14% tax on top of it. My only way could be the reseller route.:wtf:
  13. birkin101: do you know how much is a 40 togo/clemence birkin cost in Toronto? w/ or w/o tax?

  14. Before the price hike, it was $28,700 - they went up much more than non-exotics. (For example, a 35 Togo only went up $100 - from $7400 to $7500).

    My bet would be that the resellers will raise their prices accordingly though.........

  15. Honestly, not sure. Last time I was in the store they only had a handful of Kellys and a HAC 32 with price around $8,850. I am sure if you call them, you'll be able to get a price. The price really varies depending on the leather and size.