exotics sale at jimmy choo beverly hills

  1. this started out as part of a thread in the jimmy choo forum but then i thought others might be interested, especially if they love exotic leathers...

    "o.k. i just got back from the rodeo drive jimmy choo store and this is what they have on sale... the SA who helped me said she can help you get almost anything in the fall winter look book on sale - exotic or not. her name is nikki and her number is 310-860-9045

    the sale items are mostly exotics

    - ayse in burgandy
    - what looked like a snake malena in off whit/grey
    - gold rio metallic python
    - tribeca fur tote in white and in black
    - togo in brown croc and in black croc
    - carolina wildcat print clutch
    - swing in ivory croc or snake - i don't recall but believe croc
    - tayten in red watersnake
    - usher in black snake
    - zebra in wildcat print

    they are very very beautiful..."

    for picture go to jimmychoo.com
  2. I wish that I wasn't on a shoe ban!
  3. Was she talking mostly about bags or shoes as well? Also, do you happen to know the discount? Is it 50% off like on the website or more?
  4. the items i listed were all bags but there were shoes there as well. i believe the discount is 50% and there were items there that are no longer for sale on the website though you can still see the photos.
  5. Thank you for your response! Off to browse the web site :smile: