Exotics in Brighton Blue?

  1. Well I figure since I cannot make any big purchases for the time being, I'll just temporarily quench my Hermes thirst by calling up the store and talk to my SAs. Anyways, she just told me that they're going to offer Brighton Blue in croc and ostrich. Has anyone heard about this?

    Oh and since I'm still craving something, I went to Nordstrom and bought myself 1 bottle of Thierry Mugler's La Rose Angel perfume and 1 bottle of Thierry Mugler's Le Lys Perfume:yahoo: Gorgeous perfume bottles in pink and in some of my favorite floral scent. The best part is if I change my mind, I can return it for refunds! Yay!
  2. ^ WTG, Kou! I think BB ostrich would be amazing.
  3. last week, as my SA and i went over my order for BB - we found that it's only available on croc and clemence. maybe it's available in ostrich too!
  4. GT, I hadn't seen BB in person yet but I was told it's blue with a slight undertone of purple. If that's the case I'm sure it'll look totally TDF in ostrich!!:nuts: Come to think of it, Hermes does many shades of red and blues. It'd be nice if they can do as many shades of pinks.:love:
  5. Pazt, are you ordering yours in BB croc? If so, what type of croc and bag? That sounds stunning!!
  6. No ostrich brighton blue for me! Croc brighton blue rocks my boat! I feel naked with ostrich.:shrugs:
  7. oh my, i'm not ready for a croc just yet (i will not be able to spend on another H bags if i end up buying a croc - DH will kill me!)...just clemence.
  8. Nudge PazT: does our lovely SA know (by heart) that we are both getting the BB? *hehehe* is Ms.K getting one too? *hehehe maybe she can unload her older blue birks hahaha*

    someone get the credit card companies off my back *LoL*
  9. whenever it comes out and whoever is ready for it, it's their's! even the BB kelly 28 in vegas is still tempting and last i heard it's still available!

    i hope that BB birkin is not arriving anytime soon! no budget! (oh and ms.K doesn't even have to be on the list!).