Exotics at LZ...

  1. Have you guys seen these baby's????? Where do they find these things?!?!?!?! It's like a tiny Hermes museum.......:shocked:
  2. They're quite dangerous!!!!!!

    I'm going to have a sticky-beak.....!

    Shopmom - you really ARE a SHOP-mom!!!!!!!!:biggrin:
  3. And truer words were never spoken! I check almost daily with my favorite sellers 'cause ya never know what little treasures you might find! Actually, unless they pop up with something I can't live without in Ostrich, I'm leaving the exotics alone for now.....
  4. Ohhhh - brown 28 Kelly Crocodile........DROOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!!!!!:love:
  5. I KNOW!!!! Stunning....really.:shocked:
  6. what is LZ?
  7. LZ is Luxury-Zurich, they have an online store and post on this board...:flowers:
  8. Isn't she amazingly beautiful? and can you believe she is from the '50s??? and in pristine condition!!! If you look closely you can see that she's constructed a little different then the modern Kellys.
  9. Ohhhh - if I had the $$ she would be being packed and sent to Australia........if only!
  10. Too yummy for words.
  11. I still can't find it...:sad: That's ok. I'm sure it's beautiful...:shame:
  12. Hermeslemning..... go into the luxury zurich web site and select handbags from the top box, then Hermes in the box under that and click on search. Scroll down and you'll come to a couple of gorgeous vintage croc bags that are TDF. I'd love to know your opinion....
  13. the 28cm brown croc kelly is WAY TOO YUMMY!!!
    absolutely fabulous!
  14. Ohhhhhh. MAN!!! See what I mean? She's just beautiful....And, I think she's small too, 28cm. Perfect. Wish I had the lifestyle that she'd fit perfectly into....you know, NYC or Paris wearing a pair of pressed jeans, white shirt, leather flats, H scarf and the Exotic! Somehow I just don't see her living the high life in Berkeley, California.....oh well, a girl can dream....