Exotic Watercolor Speedy....Keep or no keep?

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  1. Help! from the pix it looks stunning, but after my SA play hide&seek with other SA to secure the only one bag in company for me....I'm having second thoughts! How duarable is the snake skin? easy to take care of? booklet didn't tell me much, and i'm still debating of exotic or vvn, i know, bad me :P
  2. great, it would help w/pix right? lol

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  3. K E E P !!!!!
  4. I like that bag =] so pretty and special compared to the other speedy!

    KEEEEEP IT! or give it to me ;]

    I have questions for you! haha is it really snakeskin on those bags or printed leather? SA's tell me different things. Also whats VVN stand for, I know its the other version of the WC Speedy.. Vachetta VersioN?
  5. Sounds like you are having major second thoughts. Do you totally LVOE it? If so, then you ought to keep it. IF not, then it's best to let it go and get something that will set your heart on fire. LOL
  6. Wow, it's certainly very pretty. I prefer the style (frame top) over the VVN speedy. I would keep it.
  7. I LOVE the frame style! It would be a keeper for me, but if you're really not feeling it, you should throw it back and wait to catch something that really makes your heart skip a beat.
  8. I'd keep it!!!!
  9. I do love the kisslock top btw!
  10. REYNALD0C ~i don't think it's printed, you can actually feel the bumps. better texture than Coach's Python Melinda.

    jellybebe ~yes, it's a frame top which opens WIDE, i can just see myself spill my life out if i'm in hurry to open the bag lol
  11. i never was fond of the exotic, plus you can use it everyday and if you do you have to treat it like a glass box, I would return it and get the VVN and some other goodies...
  12. Oh so that lady told me lies! hahaha She told me that it was printed leather, she prolly thought I wasnt a fan of real snakeskins ;P I love it, snakes scare me, but I would wear them.
  13. Listen to what your heart is telling you ... mine says I'd keep it if I had it, LOL!
  14. For that price, you really should be in total LVoe with it....
    and if you're NOT, I'm sure you won't have any problem unloading it on ebay...
  15. Keep it!:woohoo:

    If I could afford it, it'd be in my hands by now and I defenitely wouldn't have any second thought of whether to keep it!!

    It's so stunning. :drool:

    The frame makes it easy to be an 'everyday used' bag.