<exotic> Uptown & Downtown pic from September issue of Bazaar

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Thanks for the pics Cosmo.:smile: I love that Downtown.:tup:
  3. I am liking the Uptown more and more
  4. Yowza (the price tag)!
  5. I know. As much as I love my YSL, for $25,000, I'd go with Hermes. :shocked:
  6. Thanks Cosmo.. those are gorgeous! I saw a black python med Downtown at NM that was really Stunning.. feather light for $3400.
  7. I agree....beautiful bag though...here's to winning the MegaMillions tonight!!! (Just kidding...I've only ever purchased a lottery ticket once and that was when I turned 18)
  8. Woow, both are gorgeous. Love the snakeskin Downtown.
  9. I like Uptown more, but can't see myself spending $25,000 on a bag.

    Oh, I will never buy any bag, shoe or anything in snake skin.
  10. The uptown is gorgeous!!

    Thanks for posting the pictures!:tup:
  11. I have the Uptown in black patent- less than $2000! It's very sophisticated, IMO. Just the right size. I do the the croc, but YOWZA- the price!
  12. Thanks for the pics, Cosmo! Love that Downtown!
  13. Pretty. Just wish exotic skins didn't cost so darn much. Ouch.
  14. LOVE the Downtown!
  15. You and me both!