Exotic Lockit Retail Price?

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  1. I love VB'S alligator lockit- anyone no the retail on this bag? TIA
  2. I believe the LOCKIT GM is $22,250?

    so a little less than that, proably $18k? give or take.
  3. I think they are around the 20 thousand range.
  4. I was quoted a PM Croc for about $16,000+?
  5. Sure... I'll take one in every color!!!! :graucho:
  6. When I feel my collection is complete, I will do a special order in exotic ;)
  7. ^^^ha and when will that be...
  8. I was looking at the exotic Lockit at our boutique last time and one my SAs quoted me ~18 000$CAD. The US retail price should be about the SAME, last time I checked, the exchange ratio LV's using now is 1.03, so just take 18 000$CAD / 1.03 and it doesn't give much of a big difference in the US price.

    PS: it comes with a exotic card holder :yes:
  9. Ohh I havent seen VB's bag. I'd love to see one of those.
  10. From the celebrity thread: she looks grgeous!

  11. ^^OHHH WOW! That's amazing. Thanks for posting the photos here. Havent been following the forum for a while.