Exotic leathers

  1. Do you like Exotic leathers? If so, which ones? Crocodile, alligator, python? Sting Ray?
  2. Yep, I think they look fabulous when they're still on the Croc/alligator/python/sting ray etc.... ;)

    I do understand the appeal, as they can look lovely, but I genuinely always think of the little croc/snake etc whenever I see it, so not for me I'm afraid.

    I actually bought a beautiful pair of Alexander McQueen butterfly glass wedge sandals, which are just wonderful (paper butterflys) but I'm so stupid, I didn't realise they were some kind of lizard skin, so alas, can never wear them... *sigh*

  3. I like exotic leathers but I only like Croc leather and only on a Birkin.:biggrin:
  4. Sometimes I like the croc print and sometimes I hate it. I like how snakeskin looks though.
  5. What about the real thing? Not the print?
  6. I like the print better than the real thing. I've only touched one once and I got scared for some reason. :blink: Maybe I will get to see another one and touch it in person soon and maybe I'll fall in love with it. :love: The only exotic I do have is snakeskin piping on my kate spades.

  7. I agree! :biggrin: As I'm pretty sure most people must be tired of reading me say this; I'll try to keep it short(ish!).

    I only buy leathergoods that are a by-product of the meat industry (i.e. cow/pig/goat/ostrich etc.) and therefore, I would happily wear fish skin (Sting Ray); but not alligator, crocodile, lizard, or snake etc.

    I do not wear fur products - even if they are from animals which are eaten (e.g. rabbit), due to the barbaric methods employed, in order to preserve the pelt.

    This is not because I have a preference for/care more for any animal. In fact, if anything, I care slightly more for my fellow mammals, than I do for reptiles and would never keep a pet snake, as I would feel like a traitor, if I had to feed it mice.

    Finally, if everyone else stopped eating meat; I wouldn't use leather at all. :smile:
  8. I love all of them!! But they have to be authentic skin, I hate embossed. I purchased a pair of rene covilla and thought they were authentic gator and they were not. I don't like'em.
  9. I've never seen stingray.... Oooo, does anyone have a pic?
  10. Here you go iliabags! :biggrin: The history is particularly interesting, IMO.

    Stingray Leather Tote Bag

    Stingray Leather Tote Bag Stingray Leather Tote Bag

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    During the Art Deco period of the 1920’s stingray leather was at a fashionable peak. Stingray was used to cover everything from furniture to jewelry boxes. Furniture designers today are resurrecting this practice and including stingray leather as a material of choice. Today stingray leather has evolved into a new application. You can now buy stingray skin to be a part of your daily wardrobe as a beautiful stingray leather handbag, purse, wallet, belt or money clip. With the concerns about animal rights, stingrays are not on the endangered species list, and are very abundant.

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  11. I agree with Baggaholic - I only like the real thing. I have snakeskin and crocodile shoes and I love them.
  12. Bottega Veneta Stingray Bag.jpg
  13. I love exotic leathers as well -- especially croc, python, and eelskin -- but like Baggaholic and winternight, only the real thing. On the real skins you can appreciate its texture, kind of like the grain on chevre.
  14. It is really hard to get the full effect on a photo...it looks like beaded leather...really beautiful, IMO....They have also started using trout skin! Yep, trout! I haven't seen that yet....anyone have a photo?
  15. It's good you have standards and you know why you have them...unfortunatly, that is a rare quality.

    Do you also avoid chevre?