Exotic & Leather Combo Bags?

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  1. Hi Hermes forum,

    Has anyone come across, been shown or even seen for resale the bags that were supposed to be coming in Gator combined with Box and Clemence? I think it was only the Kelly.

    I think they were going to have gator fronts/backs and then straps, sides and handles were going to be in leather. I think they were coming for Fall 2015 and as it's now heading into Fall 2016 I was wondering if anyone had seen them, heard if they were cancelled. I'm also curious about the price.

    Whenever I google, the Grand Marriage bag comes up but nothing else.

    I'd love any info that you all might have! Thank you!
  2. I've seen a plume in that combo in several stores.
  3. I've come across some Croc and Clemence combinations on IG and resellers sites but not with Box.
  4. I think there are lots of combo in jige and constance in regular leather and exotics

  5. Good to know they're out there! Will search on IG

  6. Thank you for your reply!

    I should have specified I'm trying to find more info on the Kelly in a combo, I haven't even been able to find a pic.
  7. Blondieluxe (also a tpfer) has a grand marriage ghillies kelly on Instagram. Is this what you are looking for? I see there is no box leather though, only lizard, ostrich and croc.
  8. No but thank you. This was supposed to be a few bags that were part exotic and part leather. I'm searching back to find where they were mentioned long ago.
  9. MrsO, I hope this photo helps. It appears to be alligator, clemence and box on the straps and possibly the handle. I don't remember where I got this pic, but I think I saved it sometime last fall. It is not a Grand Marraige, I think it's better. I would sell a kidney for this bag :P

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  10. Yay! That's the one!!!

    I figure if they are anywhere, they're at FSH-right? Worth a try
  11. Don't given me any ideas...:P

  12. If we can share, I'll sell a kidney too
  13. I hope these help! All from insta... The B is petit H. I've also seen a doublis/gator K but I don't think that's what you're after. I think these pieces are extremely rare and would be quite hard to get a hold of

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  14. These are not my bags but I think they are what you are looking for. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463540335.648802.jpg