"Exotic" Keyfob $198.00!!

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  1. Granted, It's Alligator with vachetta trim but still....$198.00??
    anyone adding this to their wishlist? :shame:

  2. no ma'am!
  3. holy!! I got a similar coach keychain at tjmaxx ... it was regular leather but only $8, I think I'll stick with that :p
  4. Oooh. It's cute, but not for $198!
  5. totttttottallly not cute enough to justify that price tag!!!!!
  6. oh good lord! that is just rediculous! reminds me of a phrase my mother likes to use "more money than sense". 200 for a keychain is crazy. imo
  7. that's been on my wishlist for forever, lol.

  8. That's not as nice as a Monogram Groom Pochette Cles, that's for sure.

    No go on that one.
  9. :lecture:
  10. i'd take an azur cles over that any day. no thanks.
  11. I'd much rather be putting my $198 towards a new bag or getting a new scarf and wristlet!!!
  12. No thanks! :wtf:
  13. Thats crazy. Have these been out for a while?? I havent seen them before. I suspect a lot of them will end up at the outlets. I cant see them being big sellers.
  14. It is cute.
  15. I don't know, I found it while doing a search for "keyfob" on the coach website. I don't get it, I live in Florida and believe me, Alligator is not all that exotic, and just think of how many of those little keyfobs you can make with just one gator! ;)

    PS.. if you search "keyfob" there several of them that come up that are not shown by just clicking under key rings.
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