Exotic Constance?

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  1. Hi guys! I have the chance to take home a beautiful 18cm constance in aubergine and shiny croc with phw, do you think it's worth? I have never been drawn to the constance before, but when I saw this, it took my breath away! I'm still debating, mainly due to the price tag :yucky: I was hoping you gals could give me some insight :angel:
  2. must be really really lovely. i know it will haunt you if you let this one go
  3. #3 Jun 25, 2016
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    Ask yourself
    This size suit you
    This size fits you
    Yes heavy price tag very
    For this price I rather get a real practical exotic bag
    If I want smaller
    Then an exotic clutch
    C18 is dolly
    I reserving it for normal leather fun pop casually
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    Exotic Constance's are very lovely indeed but price tag is heavy. Will you use it? Bagdiotic asks some very good questions to consider. It's a lot of money to just sit in a closet, trust me I know. Does it have a place and need in your life? 18 is less practical for daily use but makes a great occasion bag...evenings, special events etc. for the price you could easily buy two regular leather bags it an exotic that you can see more. All something to consider. If money is no object then buy but if it is at great sacrifice of your dream bag then pass.
  5. My daughter has always loved the constance, and I was thinking that we could share the bag :biggrin: For my petite frame I really do think that the 24cm is too large and boxy... Thanks gals! If i really do get it, it would be ban island for a long time! :panic:
  6. Hi everyone- could someone tell me the price of 18cm Constance in alligator? Thank you!
  7. Please check the pricing threads; thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.