Exotic by CHANEL

  1. Nordstrom Mall of America just received two pieces from CHANEL's Exotic collection. They are the medium classic flap in alligator. They retail for $24,950. One piece is dark brown and the other is black.

    Words cannot describe just how beautiful these pieces truly are.
    Exotic Dark Brown.JPG Exotic Black.JPG
  2. Wwwwwooooooooooooowwwwww!!! I get to buy a lottery ticket now! Wish me luck! :roflmfao:
  3. ^^No kidding!! Lotto is the only way I'd have one of these bags! They are gorgeous though!:smile:
  4. Beautiful....thanks for posting....words can't describe what that price would do to my wallet.....hehehe.

    Very lovely though.....wishful thinking.:girlsigh:
  5. lovely bags! heavy on the budget though..tnx for sharing chanelboy!!
  6. Wow, they are so beautiful to look at :nuts: And that's what I will keep doing, just look at them ;)
  7. lovely bags!
  8. Love the brown croc!!!
  9. Wow. Now that's what I call EXOTIC!! I love the black croc!!
  10. Yummy!!
  11. Wow. I'm sure SA's are dyyyying to sell those babies! It's like carrying a car in your hand (pricewise). Beautiful though!
  12. Oh me gosh! i can only DROOL!!!!!
  13. WOW,beautiful PRICE :wtf:
  14. Amazingly beautiful!
  15. Nordstrom MOA is actually the only Nordstrom boutique that will receive the brown color, too.