exotic bag----help me to choose

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  1. Gucci!

    Get both! I know I'm not help here! ;)
  2. I don't see why not, they will probably charge you but it won't be too much (about $80).

    Here are the links to CITES http://www.cites.org/eng/disc/how.php.

    Perhaps vintageskins can advise you as they must import and export all manner and ages of bags http://vintageskins.com/contact.htm
  3. Celine of coz!
  4. :yahoo::heart::heart::heart:just received the gucci croc!!! she is simply stunning!!!

    thank you alllllllll~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!

    will post pics this weekend!!!
  5. ...and Gucci wins GOLD :olympics:

    :ps: GUCCI :ps:
  6. Agree with this! The Gucci is stunning!
  7. Fabulous! Love the story of this bag, too. Thank you, Papertiger!