Existence of the tangerine nikki?

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  1. Hey all. Looking for info about the tangerine nikki. I've seen it mentioned in a couple of threads and there's a link to it on bloomingdales.com but no picture. Does this elusive bag exist? Where can it be bought? Is there a pic somewhere other than the bagtrends article? It seems like the perfect summer bag!
  2. In spring 2008 the tangerine was officially released in the MAM, and MAB. There are a couple tangerine matinees found at bloomingdales which i believe were samples. There is a tangerine Plan B and stone/tangy steady, but we have NOT seen a tangerine nikki yet. The tangerine is supposed to be re-released this Spring and will include the nikki!
  3. Yea i see. Thats weird. But then again- bloomies doesn't always have the most accurate names/pics listed. The resort bags are listed as malibu- then the pic of the rose MAM looks fawn (surely it has to be bad lighting) and then the tangerine has a pic of a deep red nikki from fall.

    There is supposed to be a tangerine nikki but its not due out till Spring. The bloomies doesn't look like a preorder either.
  4. I remember someone said she had scored a tangy Nikki at a sample sale, but then she never came through with pics. I can't remember who it was or which sale, though. It's possible she was mistaken and it was actually a tangy Plan B. It's like the Loch Ness Monster! People swear they've seen it, but its existence is doubted.
  5. The alleged tangerine nikki was a plan b.! Hehehe I forget who that was that said they had it but then turned out to be a plan b.
  6. Thanks all! Anyone know when spring 2009 is to be released?
  7. LB has the Tangerine Nikki in its pre-order links. I was playing around with the numbers yesterday, and found the link for it. Forgot when the expected ship date was, I think maybe sometime in Feb or March?
  8. Thanks classiceric! how do I find that link?
  9. You can email CS at LB and they can send you the hidden link for a preorder. They usually answer email quickly.
  10. I believe Spring bags start coming out the first week of february!
  11. Yes, that's right, desi! I think that according to LB's links the tangy Nikki and MAC come out on 1/31 (My bday, heh heh heh).

    But I will try not to buy any bags!!!

    babyfishmouth: Not only do I :heart: your user ID name, but I also dig your taste in bag colors! Red & orange are my faves, too!
  12. Spring bags come out in a week?! Sweet!
  13. Thanks! I loooove bright firey colors, too. Such good neutrals! I get compliments out the butt on my red patent market tote!

  14. ^I so agree!! Red and orange are neutrals!! (That's how I wear them!!)