Exhausting day, small reveal, pics!!

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  1. Congrats on your haul! And you look great with the zoe!
  2. Thanks hun!! ;)
  3. I'm so glad all your goodies were waiting for you after such a frustrating drive. I think that zoe is the perfect size and color! Especially when you already had the perfect match with the make up bag. Have fun wearing it :smile: !
  4. Nice haul! The Berry Zoe is gorgeous. I agonized over whether to buy the Berry or Rose Zoe today at the outlet I was at. If I hadn't already owned several purple-ish bags I probably would have picked it up instead of the rose. Congrats!!! I love the lilac lining inside. :love:
  5. how much was the coach script keyfob? TIA!
  6. It was $29.00 and then with the 20% off coupon (but the coupon was only good thru yesterday, the 19th), hopefully another coupon will be coming this week/weekend!
  7. Beautiful color I must say!! Congratulations.
  8. Thanks hun, I was skeptical at getting a medium, but I think the size works ok for me... I might have to get more medium sized bags... less $ that way! haha :smile:
  9. Where did you score the berry wristlet?? I've been looking for one!! ;)
  10. ^^ a few keep popping up on ebay lately
  11. Really? Nice! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled! Thanks M!! :biggrin:
  12. Gorgeous!!!!
  13. :ty:

  14. yeah... sadly i did not go last weekend but maybe this weekend! that script fob is sooo adorable! thanks!

    and love everything you got!! congrats