Exhausting day, small reveal, pics!!

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  1. Congrats S, we are bag twins again!! :ghi5:

    Ps, you look fabulous in that outfit!
  2. Love all your goodies CoachGirl!! I bought the same flower charm today and the same scarf a few weeks ago!! Enjoy your new Berry Zoe!!
  3. beauty-mous!!!
    Your bow is perfect!
  4. OMG love the Berry Zoe! Were she not patent, she would be MINE!

    And swoooon for the flower!
  5. i love the coach script key fob... all the pieces are great colors! sorry your trip was exhausting but congrats on getting some great things!
  6. Thanks hun! Not even close to the hauls that you bring home though! haha, :P
  7. YAY for bag twins!! :ghi5:

    Thanks S for the compliment! :blush:
  8. Wow!! That berry looks great on you!! And I love the coach script keyfob!!!
  9. Awww thanks DM, it comes with practice! haha ;) Yeah I've been wanting this Daphne Flower charm for awhile and finally I was able to get one!
  10. Thanks hun! I know, I couldn't resist!! :biggrin:
  11. That berry Zoe is very pretty! Almost got one of those myself the other day, but I'm going to try to hold out for a chocolate one.
  12. Thanks sweetie! Yeah the chocolate colored ones are really pretty too!
  13. great haul, congrats!
  14. love the daphne flower (and the zoe!) . was the flower at the outlet? if so, do you mind my asking what the price was? thanks!
  15. Thats MDOT for ya! Your tax dollars @ work! I love your zoe- any more berry when you were there? There were none on Thurs but I haven't called since. It's been all softball all the time.:nuts: