Exhausting day, small reveal, pics!!

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  1. Nice haul. Love the keyfob that says Coach. I hope my Outlet has that tomm am.
  2. great to see you got your zoe!!! we're zoe twins, scarf twins, mirror pouch twins, and daphne flower charm twins!!! the medium looks rather small to me though..hmmm...never thought about combining with the HS accessories!!! they do look great together!
  3. YAY! Yeah but even though i could definitely go w/the large, the medium is fine for everyday, I like it! :biggrin: Yep all berry heritage stripe accessories, might as well since there is no berry patent ones to go w/it, or there wasn't when I went to the outlet anyways...
  4. Love the berry zoe..its so pretty and all fun little stuff you got is great too! Love it!
  5. So pretty, I love it!
  6. Beautiful! I love that color in Zoe. I have that daphne charm and it is so pretty!!! Congrats on all your great stuff!
  7. Wow I'm in love with this S! It's so CUTE!
  8. I love all of your buys! I've never seen the Coach script keychain before, but I really like it.
  9. Thanks J!! It was a little spendy, but I had to! LOL
  10. I got that same bag today too!!... I am thinking of exchanging it for large one.....
  11. Nice haul! Congrats!
  12. You have fabulous taste, love it all!! I just got the heritage wristlet in berry and I'm in love...need that cosmetic case now! :smile:
  13. I have a modeling pic on page 3... :biggrin:
  14. You tie the PERFECT bow. I am so jealous!!

    Man I have been searching all my outlets here for this and cannot find it. You scored!!

  15. That Zoe is super cute! Love the combo w/ scarf.

    I also like the fobs that you found. It looks like the trip was definitely worth it.