Exhausting day, small reveal, pics!!

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  1. i agree that keychain is very cute
  2. Everything together:
  3. So cute! Glad you got your berry Zoe! Great price, too!
  4. I already had this heritage stripe cosmetic case, and I think it matches nicely w/my berry zoe! :biggrin:
  5. That berry IRL is soooo awesome. I saw it yesterday and flipped. Almost bought it... for those prices, I'm not sure why I didn't. ;) But berry cute indeed!
  6. worth the wait in traffic IMO
  7. One last pic to show the inside of the bag, gorgeous light purple lining... tons of room!
  8. The berry Zoe is so pretty! I really wanted one, but I had my heart set on getting a Maggie. And I definitely got one of those Daphne flower charms too! So cute! Love all your stuff!
  9. Thanks everyone for your kind compliments!
  10. Ooooo I love all pf your goodies!!! That berry Zoe w/the scarf is TDF! Congrats!
  11. Awww thanks hun!! ;)
  12. Very pretty, your exhausting day was worth it!!
  13. Oh S, Im so glad you got the medium sized berry Zoe! I love that pink COACH keyring too. Ive never seen it before.
    BTW, it must have been a zoo with only one lane open. What were they thinking?:noggin:
  14. No get this, the one lane last for about 60 feet, I was ready to scream! We waited like 30 minutes to go from 3 lanes to 1, and then back to 3 within 60 feet?? WTF!!
  15. I almost just bought this at the outlet but it was a bit much... Love it