Exhausting day, small reveal, pics!!

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  1. So I woke up extremely early to try and make it out to my outlet, guess what? They decided to "sweep" up the road but for some reason had to shut down 2 of the 3 lanes on the highway! I was so mad that I didn't get to the outlet EXACTLY when it opened, but still managed to get my small goodies!

    Any one around?? :smile:
  2. Please show us what you got!
  3. Uploading pics now!
  4. I am here ;)
  5. I'm here if it is a quick one, LOL.
  6. Start guessing... GO! LOL... this is just a teaser pic! I hate long reveals myself!

  7. Hmmmmmmmm
  8. uh, some kind of tote? i'm not a good guesser. lol
  9. TA-DA!!! My medium zoe in berry w/the pink polka dot scarf! I was tempted to get the fawn as well, as that is a TRULY beautiful bag too, but I decided on one, and decided on the berry... I normally carry big bags, but the medium is actually a really cute size, fits all my stuff nicely!!

    Came to $128.50 w/tax

    Couple accessories up next...
  10. I think this is the best color or the zoe - I have the same color but in large ;)
  11. Small purse mirror... love this, got two others in black, but they screwed up my charge-hold so they are getting sent to me in the mail... for only $7.99, can't beat the price!

  12. What a pretty scarf with the Zoe! Congrats!
  13. Love the keychain for some reason, its plain and simple which I like!
  14. Couldn't pass up on the daphne flower keychain, so pretty!
  15. love love Zoe in berry, so pretty! Contgrates and what a steal!