1. Ladies I am looking for a good face exfoliator.
    What is your favorite?
  2. I like the HydraMasque from MD Forte.
  3. My favourite is good ol' drugstore kind Apricot Scrub by St Ives.
  4. Estee Lauder makes a great one, I think it's called Thermal exfoliaters, it wams up when it touches the skin. Sisley also makes great one.

  5. I second that! And they recently came out with a newer scent. I kind of feel nostalgic towards the old one though.
  6. I have tried the very most high end and the cheapest available. My very favorite, tried and true, is Queen Helene mint Julep SCRUB. Unbelievable stuff, works so well. I use it everyday. I apply heavily on lightly damp skin, massage, add a drop of water as needed. I used to be such a snob about using only HE products, now all I care about is if they work!
  7. I love Clinique's exfoliating scrub.
  8. Queen Helene mint face scrub or St. Ives apricot scrub with salacylic acid. I recently started using Lush Ocean Salt and it is amazing, a bit more expensive than the ithers I mentioned (about $40 for a small tub) but it works so you'll have no problem spending the money.
  9. I use and love Yonka Gommage for dry/sensitive skin. My skin cannot tolerate really "grainy" or "gritty" scrubs. Gommage is very gentle yet effective. I'm not red/irritated after using it.
  10. MAC's Volcanic Ash!!! Smooooth baby-bottom skin right after use!
  11. h2t pumpkin peel. Made of natural acids and fruit so it nourishes as well as exfoliates.
  12. I love Origins Never a Dull Moment... it's not harsh at all (no big beads!) and it really brightens the face! :love: I also really like Chanel Gommage and an Ole Henriksen walnut scrub I can't remember the exact name of. :smile:
  13. My skin is so sensitive that I don't normally use scrubs, if I do I use the Clean and Clear pore refining (I think?) every now and again. I have the Wave system by Neutrogena, but basically I go with Clinique's toner and it seems to satisfy my face.
  14. Those in Singapore can try out this product developed by the Natural Skin Clinic. I recently bought the exfoliator, and it not only leaves my skin free of dead cells, it is so moisturizing and can be used on a daily basis!

    Other brands that are good are Malin+Goetz, Ole Henriksen walnut scrub and Laura Mercier's exfoliator.
  15. I use the aspirin and honey mask and exfoliate after letting it sit! :nuts: It's totally effective and inexpensive! :tup: