1. I'm in search for a new exfoliator and I need help. I'm trying to find a really good one that works well and has maximum effects (mositurizes skin, lasts longer, etc.). I've tried searching for one on the internet but I'm not having any luck so I thought hearing reviews from tPFers might help me out a lot. Does anyone have any recommendations??

    Edit: I'm looking for a full body exfoliant.
  2. Seems like you can only edit a post one time. I wanted to add that I'm looking for an exfoliator that is good for Keratosis Pilaris.
  3. I saw a whole forum the other day in my googling for that condition. Lemme google away.

    ETA: I can't find it now :sad: but there are a lot of forums strictly for that so just google and ask around!
  4. i like the fresh sugar face polish - my skin feels so smooth & soft afterwards and it smells good too!
  5. For the face you must try Fresh "Sugar Face Polish" It is heaven. The sugar isnt to rough, it has the strawberry seeds for a little extra, plus at the end your face does not feel stripped.

    For the body the Gingerbread Man by Philosophy is great too.

    Sephora sells a small size for around $18. I dont know if you can get the small size on Sephora.com but try it they have the 20% off F&F now too.

  6. This might sound silly but the gingerbread man exfoliator.. i'm assuming it smells like gingerbread. Does it leave your body smelling that way too? I'm not sure I would like the smell of that. Is there another recommendation?
  7. I don't know what the condition is that you mentioned, but Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash is a good exfoliator/cleanser. I don't believe it moisturizes on its own but it's not overly scratchy.
  8. I just use plain sugar and grapeseed oil. It makes the tub a little slippery, but it leaves my skin very soft. And it doesn't really smell like anything once you wash it off.
  9. Dermalogica for body exfoliant (very pricy but will last a long time and make your skin silky smooth) and Elizabeth Arden Clear the Way for Face followed by a good mask ( i use one of two EA products).

    Walk into a cosmetics / skin care section of a department store and tell then what you are looking for... they will give you samples according to your skin type!!
  10. I really love Cellcosmet scrub. They have tiny beads and you can use it as a mask for a deeper exfoliation.
  11. For my face I use the Boscia face polish, I love it, very gentle. And for my body I use Loccitane almond delicious paste, love it, makes my skin so soft and gently exfoliates, and then afterwards I use the Loccitane almond milk concentrate body creme. I feel so great after using these products. I also for the body use Philosophy gingerbread, and then afterwards use the cinnamin buns shimmer lotion, smells and feels great also. I love body products.
  12. Do you have a Bath Junkie store where you live? I really like their body scrub, and, since they make it in front of you, you pick what scent you want and you can ask them to make it more moisturizing. I love how my skin feels after I use it, but it is salt-based so you should be careful if you are sensitive or if you have any cuts! For my face I use Origins "Modern Friction" which is a great scrub with smaller particles that does a fantastic job. I hope this helps!
  13. Dermalogica's Gentle Cream Exfoliant is the best exfoliant I've ever tried.. even better than La Mer's Diamond Face Polish. Dermalogica's exfoliant has got AHAs in it, and you leave it on as a mask..and it's fantastic. I've never been so impressed with a non-scratchy exfoliant before!!
  14. That one sounds really good. I used to use Margarita Splash from bath and body works and I loved the texure and the smell and the feel of my skin afterwards but I wanted to try something new now that I ran out of it and this looks like it has the same texture and the ingredients sound really good. As well as the really good reviews. I looked into the Fresh Sugar Face polish since it was recommended by 2 tpfers and I wanted to get it but it is sold out (i suppose because of the f&f offer). So I think I will try this one for now and see how it works out. Thanks for the recommendations everyone!!