"Exfoliating" under eye area

  1. Everytime I put on concealer under my eyes it has this textured look to the underneath, never exactly smooth so I read in some place recently (can't remember where) that to exfoliate your under eye area without damaging the delicate skin take a damp q-tip and swab underneath the area. I don't know if this is actually gentle or not..it seems like it would be since you aren't pulling on the eye and all. I tried it and my undereye area does seem a little smoother and absorbed my undereye mosturizer much easier today. Maybe this would happen if I paid more attention to my under eye area normally when I wash my face instead of just cleaning with eye makeup remover and leaving it at that but I don't know. Any opinions or comments on this?
  2. what is making it "textured"? is it your skin, maybe u need a good under eye moisturizer. if not it could be the concealer itself. i just switched to a mineral based under eye concealer that is fabulous, it goes on and feels like skin.
  3. I have never heard of the Q-tip trick before. :confused1:
    I use skinceuticals vitamin C Eye Gel which provides gently and safe exfoliation of the delicate eye area. I have also found that some concealers are more cakey or dry than others. If you aren't already you might want to try a more creamy concealer and keep your eye area hydrated/moisterized.
    When at the spa and getting a facial I have them to an eye collagen treatment that does wonders for hydrating the eye area.
    Good luck!
  4. I use a liquid concealer and I got the same "textured" look underneath the eyes too before. I'm not really sure how to exfoliate that area though, but I'm thinking that it may not be a good idea since it's pretty delicate.

    I found that moisturizing does help. My skin can get pretty dry, especially during the harsh Canadian winters here so sometimes I use baby oil on the really dry spots. Or I mix the concealer with lotion to make it even more creamy.
  5. I have no clue how to exfoliate underneath the eyes..I think moisturizing helps though. I have been moisturizing under my eyes more than usual lately and my little bumps are pretty much gone. IDK if there is a correlation..but you could try this out.
  6. What about those Olay eye pod things? They have a little sponge attached to the cream packet and you can rub it all over your eye... I've never tried them personally. That's all I can think of.
  7. I know, I get that too!! I use a concealer brush and it helps a little.
    Thanks for the tip, I am going to try the q-tip idea.
    I have also heard of mixing the eye cream with your concealer to make it smoother although I have never taken the time to try it.
  8. I wouldn't exfoliate under eye area. It's too sensitive. Just apply a eye cream and that should help the concealor go on smoothly. What type of concealor is it?
  9. Iiiinteresting! Haven't heard of the q-tip thing before but will give it a try just out of principle. I'm 26 and I already have some fairly reasonable lines going on.
  10. Well I don't think its the concealer I use that is making it textured as it happens whether I use a liquid concealer or a cream concealer and even the bare minerals powder concealer although its not nearly as visible. I think my skin just gets so dry its either a)flaky with dry old skin or b)not enough moisture to smooth out the lines. I have noticed since I "exfoliated" with the q-tip it feels a little softer.
    Although think about it, you exfoliate every other place on your body and if you don't, your skin is not able to absorb as much as it could right? My eyes are the only place I do not exfoliate for obvious reasons. With cell turnover doesn't your skin always end up with old skin on top unless you exfoliate (I am not sure ab that so that is actually a question/statement).
  11. I have dryness under the eye somtimes as well. I use a dab of Vaseline after I cleanse at night just before I go to bed.
  12. I heard you could just Green Tea, just heat up the tea bags in hot water and apply to your eyes. Not so sure this will accomplish what you want but I know it reduces puffyness and redness
  13. I totally agree. My under-eye area is sooo sensitive!
  14. I agree - I've never heard of under-eye exfoliation before and I'm not sure it's a good idea, given how delicate the skin is! It might be your concealer (if you've had it a long time, it might be getting old, or you might need a creamier one)... are you blending it properly?

    If you have flaky skin under your eyes, pack on some non-fragranced, non-coloured, alcohol free moisturiser at night before you to go to bed and see if it improves over the next few days.
  15. I think you should be very careful what you do, because the skin under your eye is very delicate and chemicals could also irritate your eye. I know that I was noticing something similar under my eye when i would use concealor but I find using a good under eye moisturiser has fixed that. Also maybe try a different kind of concealor.