Exessive Purchases, Returns, Rude S/A's.....

  1. I read a thread about Coach having a limit on purchases. This has me thinking. How about the people who walk into a store with a return and are told they can't complete that transaction because they return too much. How about that rude s/a you just purchased an expensive bag from only because you "had" to have it and you took his/her crap.

    Rude s/a's, limits, return policies, they are everywhere. Are we boycotting every store we shop in? Will we begin to re-think our handbag purchases? When do we put it all in perspective and say its not a perfect world and there are policy's put in place for a reason?

    We may not like them because we didn't create the need for them but I for one think there is a need for some.

    No boycotting for me! I won't stop shopping, returning, or dealing with difficult s/a's but will definately continue to contact the manager or whoever necessary to make sure it doesn't happen to me again.

    How about you do you try to take care of a difficult situation right then and there or do you walk off mad saying ok I won't go back there?
  2. I think it really depends on the situation, serendipity. Some cases of rudeness or poor service are different than others.

    I'm pretty much even tempered and certainly don't get offended by policies that apply, straight across the board, to everybody and which are put in place in order to protect shoppers.
  3. I have a friend that was sent a letter by Nordstrom Loss Prevention. They informed her that her return activity was "suspicious" and that they were monitoring it! Don't think that these stores don't track your activity, because they do. They even track the credit cards you use. I was in Nordstrom yesterday buying some sandals and when I paid, the SA said, "OH! You have like four records in our system!" I was like, "WHAT???"

    I mean, where do you draw the line between tracking people for security reasons and invading their privacy? I felt like I did not dare tell the SA to remove those records- I had remembered reading the Coach thread and figured I'd better keep my mouth shut albeit I come under any "scrutiny" :cry:

  4. That's kind of weird. The SAs at Nordstrom are always encouraging..you could even say pushing...me to take home items I am on the fence about, saying "You can always return it". Just happened to me yesterday with a bag I was waffling on.

    I guess I can see where they might want to track some people. I've known people in the past who bragged about buying clothes, wearing them and returning them. A lot. I could see stores wanting to track people who frequently returned used items. I'm a little miffed right now because upon further scrutiny of the bag I bought...it's clear it was previously purchased, USED, and returned. I do not want to pay full price for a used bag! I left all the tags on and that one is going back.
  5. There was a date line special once about these two women who were barred from shopping at Loehmann's. Dateline did some calculations and all in all, the women spent way, way more than they ever returned and they felt unfairly targeted.
  6. You have to look at it from the store's perspective. They lost so much money due to people shoplifting and returning, and theres like nothing they can do about it, except to look into any suspicious return activity.
  7. You don't have to boycott. You could just shop online. I mainly shop online for my bags and things like that, and to be honest it's usually better. Eventally, it will probably be all electronic. I wonder is SA 1.0 will be snotty, too? ;)
  8. I think Best Buy or Circuit city banned two women from shopping there. they returned a great number of items.
  9. I know it isn't high end, but apparently target has a limit on how much you can return. One time my friend bought a bunch of picture frames and then ended up having her things professionally framed and they gave her a warning.
  10. just shop at JC Penney (I work in sales there). The one here, anyway, won't ever refuse you a return if you have either tags (on or off) or a receipt, and they'll usually give it to you even if you have neither.
    You can buy as much as you want and return as much as you want. We have this one couple who will come in and spend several hundred dollars (at JC Penney, that goes a long way) and then be back, without fail, to return it in a couple of days. They'll even make catalog orders and come back to cancel them. It's retarded. But we do absolutely nothing about it, because the management will kiss everyone's butt to make the customer happy (no one seems to agree eith me that purchasing, not merely shopping = customer).

    Anyway, my point: buy as much as you want at JC Penney, wear it for as long as you want, bring it back 3 years later with the recept and you will get a refund.
  11. Where I work (Restoration Hardware), when we take in returns for a customer without a reciept, we ask for their information (name, address and phone). If they do enough returns in one quarter without reciepts, corporate sends them a letter saying they can't return anymore things without a reciept (if they have one, then that's fine! no limit with a reciept!).

    At RH, our return policy is simply to hold on to your reciept. There is no time limit, we get people returning towels that have been washed, lighting that's been mounted, bedding that's been used/washed, etc.. after 2-3 up to 5 years... WITH THEIR RECIEPT.. and we being the Nordstrom of Home Furnishings.. we take it back.

    The other day one of my managers took a shade back, from POTTERY BARN! omg! haha. We all swore he's a spy for them... (in case you didn't know yet, we're an independent company separate from the Williams Sonoma Company).
  12. I think that some of these stores that have a particular return policy is needed. Alot of items returned are actually stolen and brought back for a refund. Though I don't agree with store refusing a return when you have the original receipt, but I do think that stores need to take a stand somewhere. Just my opinion.
  13. I buy online a lot and I rarely ever return anything so when I do need to return something I never any problem whatsoever.
  14. yea.. which is why most all stores will give a store credit. which if they try to return it, they can only get store credit back.. it just becomes money recirculating in their posession unless they sell it on ebay for significantly less than retail, causing them to lose money anyway.
  15. I never allow a SA to be snotty or arrogant to me - the way I see things is that they work for ME and want ME to spend MY money on thier employer's product that they MAYBE get a bit of commission on and reality is they probably make in 2 weeks what I make in 2 hours so it never is an issue with me...and it shouldn't be with anyone who is patronizing thier potential commission either.

    at the end of the day, in that particular boutique and that particular situation, they work for YOU!