exersize and cramps

  1. i'm having a really hard time motivating myself today. i huuuurt. i read somewhere it helps but i've never tried it (cramps usually lay me out all day, but they're a little less intense this month) does it actually help or is it just as good to lay on my couch with the heating pad (which is what i want to do, but it's not working very well)

  2. They say it helps, but I truly believe it depends on you and your cramps. I was an athlete for all of my life, and when I get my cramps- I could not even move out of fetal position :push:

    Go ahead and get that heating pad on!
  3. Try (but go slowly). If you feel uncomfortable, lie down again.
  4. well i didn't excersize, but i did get up and leave the house to run a few errands which involved walking around. it helped a bit, but i'm glad to be back to my couch. :smile:
  5. On the first day of my period, there's no way I can exercise! Unless it's later in the day maybe, but I usually spend the day in bed or on the couch with my heating pad and lots of ibuprofen. I've noticed that I feel a bit better if I do some light pilates or stretches once the worst of my cramps are over, and get up and move around a little bit (going for a walk or leaving the house for a little while). But... sometimes I just don't have the energy for that, either.
  6. Try this stretching exercise, I hope I can describe it properly: Stand in front of a wall and extend your arms to support your weight. Then try bending or reaching your pelvis toward the wall without moving your arms or legs. This stretches out your muscles and it can give some relief. I hope this helps.
  7. When I have cramps, I cannot exercise. All I feel like doing during the first day of my period is laying down and sitting on the toilet (I constantly have to go to the bathroom)...If I don't take my 2 Midols, then I'm out of comission for the day!
  8. Do you take birth control pills by any chance? I had the worst cramps ever but as soon as I started taking the pill all my cramps went away and I can barely tell if I have my period or not....

    its an option although it takes more to think about because its something you wiull have to take daily
  9. Megs ITA!!!
    I know they say it helps but for me it's a bunch of BS! When I get cramps I seriously get naseous and can't move. You couldn't pay me enough to try to exersize durring those times.:nogood:

    If it works for you then that is great.