Exercising with iPod Armband / Case

  1. I've been a bum for too long and its now time to get crackin! Does anyone work out with an ipod strapped to his/her arm? or take your ipod swimming? I know that companies like Otterbox and H20 have clear hard waterproof cases for ipods.

    I CANNOT exercise without music and have to get the armband/case. However, Im afraid that it would be uncomfortable to work out with. Eg: too heavy (Mine's an ipod 20g color NOT video) or the band keeps slipping....

    Please share! :idea: Ps: this is my 1st time posting a new thread hehe) :shame:
  2. i have a nano & i use the armband (those rare times i work out) and its fine for me :smile: have you thought of getting those clips you can attach to the waist of your pants??
  3. I use the ipod and it works quite nicely. If you are doing extra heavy free weights it may create pressure when you are exercising your biceps, but you would just have to adjust at that part of your workout. It is all a small price to pay compared to back in the day with cassette players attached to the hip and arms.
  4. Hi I just got home and I bought the Xtreme mac armband for S$59. Its too late to go to the gym but I'll be looking fwd to do so tmr.. The armband feels quite cushiony and comfy..thanks for replies!
  5. I need music when I work out. I use nano armband when doing cardio and lower body but I use the cilp when I do upper body.
  6. I have a neck lanyard that I use with the iPod mini. Prefer it to the arm band as it is easier to access to change music and it doesn't constrict any movements. It swings around a little bit (I use it when doing weights, not for running) but all in all seems the best solution for me. I got the case and lanyard from Marware.
  7. I use my belt clip for my iPod mini when working out. Hands free and just put the cord under my shirt so I don't get tangled up in it.
  8. When I'm working out I just clip it to my shorts but sometimes it gets in the way & falls off. I never heard of the waterproof case for swimming how would the headphones not get wet?
  9. I need music when I work out! I use an armband for my iPod mini. It's great. Stays on while I'm running, and it's super comfortable.
  10. I have an armband for my mp3 player (it's Sandisk not mac ipod) and it works just fine. Very comfortable and doesn't move around or bother me at all. My only suggestion would be to get comfortable headphones because my ear buds used to fall out whenever i tried any form of cardio - treadmill, elliptical, etc.
  11. I also have an armband for my ipod mini and use it while running.. it's pretty good, although the velcro for some reason sometimes rubs against my arm and then it's pretty itchy when I've finished my run.. :sad:
  12. What happens to the earphones? I am REALLY curious!
  13. Does the armband get nasty/sticky because of sweat when running?
  14. ^^ I have the mini =)
  15. I run every day with my ipod video) attatched to my hip!!! Once in awhile it falls off so I got this "skin"thing that protects it and that has worked really well.