Exercising when sick?

  1. Does anyone do this? Can you? Should you? :confused1:

    Does it help or hinder?

    I don't mean "go to the gym" type exercise, i don't want to get anyone else ill, but what about that brisk walk around the block or something similar?

    I ask, bc my doc wanted me to get moving 3x a week, but i got hit with cold/cough this week and all i want to do is sleep & blow my nose.

    With my luck, it'll clear up just as I'm scheduled to see her again, and she'll be all "suuure you were sick".... :rolleyes:

    Thank you...:shame:
  2. I'm interested to see what others think about this. When I'm sick, I lay around and sleep. I think that the body needs rest to fight off the cold (or whatever else you have).
  3. I've always sticked to this rule when i'm sick:
    If your symptoms are above the neck (sniffling, coughing) then its fine to work out.
    If your symptoms are below the neck (aches and pain, shivering) then i'd stay home.
  4. I follow the same rule. I still go to the gym and work out when I have a cold but I won't do anything too strenuous. I'd just walk on the tread mill at a moderate pace.

  5. I've had a bad chest cold that I just can't get rid of, but I still go & work-out. I just try to take it easy by not doing anything too strenuous.
  6. I work out 3x/week and also have a dance class once a week. Both my doc and my dance instructor are adamant that you should not exercise when you are not feeling well as it "runs down" your body even more.
  7. as a former personal trainer -- PLEASE do not go to the gym when you're sick! Training when you are sick, regardless of what you are doing, only further weakens your immune system. Not to mention, you are spreading germs and likely getting others sick, even if you wipe down the equipment afterward.

    If you are sick, it is 100% better to take the time to get better before getting back to your workout. You get more out of your workout when you are 100% and trust me, others will appreciate it, too.
  8. ^ ITA. Rest and get better, then go back to the gym.
  9. I never exercise when I'm sick because it can make my cold even worse. I just take it easy and rest until I feel 100% better, which sometimes takes over a week.
  10. Just take it easy when you're sick and you'll work out more effectively when you're better. Just make sure that you're really sick and it's not an excuse!
  11. ^^^^Exactly.

    I listen to my body.
  12. The only time when i stay at home is when i have flu because that would mean that i am constantly blowing my nose and sniffing away.
    other than tt, even when i am down with fever or other illness that are mild enough, i really prefer to take walks around e estate to feel more alive.
    staying at home always makes me feel like i am still taking in all the stale air.....
    but i stay away from kids and old people and well, people in general but especially kids and old people.
  13. Exercising when sick is a major no-no. You could get seriously hurt.
  14. I don't "work out" but if I have just a cold I always try to move around at least a little. It only makes me feel worse if I am all stuffy and stuck in bed. Laying down makes me feel so much more stuffed up. If its not really cold I'll take a little walk for some fresh air. Or just sit outside.
  15. No, I don't exercise when I'm sick unless it's the tail end of a cold. I even had a trainer tell me not to, said your body just needs to rest.