Exercising & watching diet but not losing any weight

  1. My body is so strange because when I do exercise but watch what I eat I seem to loose or maintain my weight, but once I start exercising it seems like I feel and look a litte chubbier or bloated. I can't figure it out and it's really discourages me. You would figure that by exercising and mainting the diet I've always had and even improving on it that mathimatically speaking I should start to loose weight, but that doesn't seem to be happening.

    Can anyone offer some kind of logical explanation? :confused1: Or maybe help me figure out what I could be doing wrong.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. You don't exercise, watch what you eat, you lose weight. But if you exercise and also watch what you eat, you gain?
  3. i've never been a fan of the scale, only because it's just so deceptive. you can gain or lose up to like 5 lbs of weight during one day just from water retention or whatnot. i'd ditch the scale and your focus on actual numbers. exercise should always help you lose weight, and many people even GAIN weight because they gain muscle mass, which is a lot heavier than fat...but at the same time, they should start seeing their body become more toned and sculpted. what you're describing sounds strange, but i think (and this is just my theory), when you exercise and start gaining muscle, it may temporarily make you look bigger as you're in the transitioning stage between gaining muscle and burning off existing fat, so indeed you'll look bigger...but the more muscle you gain and more cardio you do, the muscles will help burn off the fat and more and more of your fat will become replaced by muscles.

    may i ask what exercises you do? that could also play a part. some exercises may build muscle really easily, and some - like cardio - really help to burn the fat rather than bulk up muscles. i can't imagine that anyone who does a lot of cardio actually become bigger rather than smaller...anyway, GOOD LUCK!!!