Exercises to tone "lower" tummy

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  1. So my stomach is fairly flat, however I have a bit of a "bump" right BELOW my belly button. I've tried doing normal crunches, but those only seem to target my upper abs and I just need something that targets that lower area. Any suggestions?

  2. Leg lifts! Lie on your back and with your knees together and not bent, lift your legs up slowly to about a 60 degree angle is good and sent them back down slowly. Good luck to obtaining a smaller or non existent "bump".
  3. Do you go to the gym? At my gym there is this contraption that allows you to hang from the top workout bars so your feet are dangling and you are holding yourself up with your arms. You raise and lower your legs either with your knees up or with your legs straight. I find this really works the lower abs. Hope this helps :smile:
  4. That one is so hard for me! I felt pathetic the first few times on it cuz I thought I had more muscles than that; I decided to stay away from that contraption afterward.

    But it really does work if you have good form and don't hurt your back.

    Otherwise, various leg lifts exercises are good. I think pilates is great for the lower abs.
  5. Is this bump a bump if fat? If so, you're wasting your time doing crunches or whatever. Cardio and diet is what you need.

    Also, there are no upper and lower abs. It's all just one long sheet of muscle. Any ab exercise will work the whole sheet. Crunches, leg lifts, etc etc all do the same thing.
  6. OOOOOOOOH, the dreaded Roman Chair! It works wonders!!!
  7. Charles is right. Exercise can tone the muscle underneath, but only diet and cardio will help if the bump is fat. Honestly, most women - even some models - have a slight swell under the belly button. It may not be what you like, but it is natural and not unappealing or unattractive (within reason - I am not talking about muffin top).
  8. I agree on the Pilates suggestion. There's a set of exercises called the "Series of Five" that they do in every classical Pilates class that will help; I'm sure you can find it online. Reverse curls and hip lifts are also good.

    And, while it may all be one long sheet of muscle, you can definitely isolate different parts of it. I had an old-school midline c-section where they cut straight through everything from belly button down to pubic bone. Right through the lower part of the muscle. I couldn't pull muscles in below my belly button for months afterward -- couldn't even feel them no matter how I tried -- but I could do crunches and work my upper abs.
  9. This is incorrect. You cannot isolate specific parts of the abdominal muscle, just like you can't isolate a specific part of the bicep or gluteus. When a muscle contracts, it contracts. Obviously, you can alter how tight you contract it, but that contraction will still be spread over the whole muscle.

    I'm not sure why you experienced what you did, but it might have something to do with other muscles aggravating the lower portion during certain exercises. When you do leg lifts, some of the hip flexors and upper thigh muscles get involved and put pressure on the bottom half of the abs (again, this doesn't mean the abs on the bottom are working any harder than they would if you were doing crunches). When you do crunches, those hip flexors aren't used as much, if at all.

    Bottom line..when the abs contract, the whole sheet of muscle contracts.
  10. Ooo that's what it's called! The Romain Chair...noted...Unfortunately any weight loss or toning does involve strict exercise, diet, and a healthy lifestyle. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress :smile:
  11. try pilates!!! it really works :biggrin:
    some workout from this website might work for you( diet.com/workout )
  12. Thanks for the insight! Yes the bump is fat-so it looks like cardio is what I need to be doing instead of just focusing on toning exercises. I'm just trying to set up an exercise routine so I'll definitely have to make sure I include lots of cardio.
  13. Typically, however, those little fat pockets are the hardest to get rid of. How's your diet??
  14. In general you need to have a good diet, low fat, no sugar, eat complex carbs with good protein,a lot of fiber with 8 to 10 glasses of water. The workout has to be combination of cardio and resistance training (weight).
  15. I eat a lot of fibre and drink lots of water-however I do tend to eat a lot of carbs and not enough fruits/veggies.