exercises to make my butt BIGGER?

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  1. ok, so i know that this is an odd problem, but i gain weight everywhere EXCEPT my hips and butt. i have a sad, flat, small white girl "butt," but i want a "booty." so are there exercises i can do to make me a little more J.Lo? i heard Jessica Simpson did some for Dukes of Hazzard before she had to wear the daisy dukes, but i don't know what they are. help me! and make any future boyfriends that i have very happy...
  2. squats!!! i think they are #1 for the buns...
    a really good exercise i like is a traveling one where you do a lunge, and then as you're coming out of the lunge, you lift up the leg in the back upwards behind you (i guess as though you were pretending to be a ballerina) and then bring that leg forwards into the lunge again (so that you end up in a lunge but with legs switched). repeat several times; i do it back and forth in a room 2-3 times through.
    i don't know if that made sense; it's hard to figure out exercises with diagrams or pictures, imo...
  3. my cousin enhanced her booty by doing the stairmaster =)
  4. Squats are great for your glutes and could help you on your bubble butt quest :P I could give you some of mine, there is plenty to go around :lol: :P The stairmaster and step-ups on a bench or sturdy chair are also good for your booty.
  5. I have a flat butt too. . . squats up the wazoo and lunges. I actually started making a bigger effort to do them more regularly and I swear I noticed a difference in my pants today. honest!
    Also, higher incline on the Elliptiocal or treadmill will help build them.
  6. Squats! Try www.shape.com for variations. I love that magazine. You do not need to be a subscriber to access the archieves.
  7. skating works too! although not as easy to do at home as squats...:sad:
  8. ^you can do ballerina plie's. Sometimes I get a weight in my hand and hold it low {between my legs-ish} and do plies.
  9. Squats and lunges for sure!! I hate them, but I know I need them for my flat ass!
  10. High incline on the the treadmill - that'll do the trick for sure!
  11. high incline on the treadmill and stair stepper...that thing is KILLER
  12. squats, lunges, hack squats, butt blaster (yes, there IS a machine with that name LOL).
    I have a bubble butt thanks to these :P
  13. ^^ haha butt blaster??? almost sounds like it's getting rid of the butt!
  14. i don't understand. So excersizes to make my butt look bigger and smaller are the same ? :rant:
  15. Squats, squats and more squats! Lunges are great and Step ups on a high bench holding weights also arent bad and running stairs! I have too much of a J.Lo butt so i cant do too many of these butt excercises
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