Exercises to help waist?

  1. Hi. This is the first time that I have posted in this area, but I thought that some of you could probably help me. I have gained some weight in the past year and it seems as though a lot of it has gone to my waistline. I am not overweight, but after having 4 kids, I have these "love handles" where I once had a small waist. Does anyone have any good exercises for this area? I have a bowflex & I do the exercises recommended in the book that came with it, but I would also like other suggestions. Thanks in advance;)
  2. hmmm well if you want to lose weight anywhere.. cardio is the way to go.
    i'm trying ot lose wait that i gained on my stomach and love handles as well... and theres no way out of it but to do cardio :T

    doing crunches and yoga helps a lot. goodluck! i know its so hard to lose. i have a lot of fun when i take classes at my gym like cardio kickboxing.
  3. You should definately add some cardio workout to your bowflex routines.
  4. You can't "spot reduce" in a certain area. You need to add cardio workouts to your exercise plan to lose fat. You might not lose the fat right away from the love handle area you speak of, but cardio helps you lose fat from all over your body. Combine that with a solid resistance training routine and healthy diet, and you should be good to go.
  5. ^^^ITA !:yes: :yes:
    The great thing about cardo is that there are SO many choices !

    Find what you like and that helps you stick with it !
  6. I recently began belly dancing classes and it really keeps any extra weight on the mid section, it's actually great. At the begining I felt really tense, thats because I was learning to use those muscles in that area that I never really used before and now I feel great and I just love it.
    I tend to gain and lose weight very quickly, a few pounds here and there, especially in my mid section so this has really helped me keep fit plus it's so fun that I find myself practicing in the kitchen or anywhere!
  7. I run 15 minutes on the treadmill then do pilates for one hour or 45 minutes of Yoga three times a week. I'm 95 lbs, my youngest son just turned 1 year old yesterday.
  8. Definitely Cardio (elliptical, treadmill, etc.)...gotta burn that layer of fat off...also try pilates (you can get a video. you use your core/ab muscles for all the moves)

    also drink lots of water to flush out all the salt in your body. i also drink green tea with a bit of honey or just plain. it speeds up your metabolism and also flushes out your body and its very healthy. i find that works for me can't hurt to try.
  9. go vintage.. hula hoops help too! and it'll make you feel like you are 5 again playing in the playground
  10. jogging will definitely help with the love handles especially if it's outdoors

    You can't see your ab muscles with a layer of fat over them.

    It wasn't until I took that line to heart did I seriously incorporate diet with exercise a few years back. Men need single digit bodyfat ratio to see definition, women can see obliques probably at about 21 or 22, and increasing definition as it gets lower, respectively.

    You can do it!! Don't expect it to happen overnight, but if you eat healthy and work out, you WILL see results! Good luck and here's me thinkin of ya!
  12. jogging and any type of exercise with twists, for example, crunches in the "bicycle style" or medicine ball twists when sitting at a 45 degree angle. my gym has a machine specificially targeting the love handle area.