Exercises for toning arms?

  1. I think that I would be more than satisfied with my bod if my arms weren't so big. I hate my arms. They make me look so muscular and husky!!!

    Do you girls have any excercise plans to make arms smaller?

    I know that running helps alot, but I have bad feet where my feet feels like I have needles stabbing them after 2 mins of actually running.
  2. Really any kind of cardio will do the trick, but you have to be losing the fat. Other than that you can lift weights to tone your arms. And building muscle helps to burn calories at rest. So I would begin doing regular cardio, as well as some sort of strength training.
  3. I REALLY want to lose weight off this area too. I have been doing excercises to tone up my arms but I haven't noticed much improvement. (You're supposed to stand with your back to a bench and put your hands on the bench behind you. Let your hips dip downward and use your arms to hold up the weight of your whole body for about 30 seconds.)

    I'm guessing I just have to lose weight in general before there will be any changes. :Push:
  4. I think you can't really make it smaller but you can make it firm and tone. You can do:
    push up
    Bicep curls
    using eleptical machine with arms

    I know it sounds silly and I kinda shy to reveal it to people: I put myself in push up position, make sure are abs tight,on my toes ..I walk around the room using my arms .You can really feel it
  5. I agree, cadio, cardio, cardio!

    Cardio is the only thing that will burn teh fat around the muscles. You need to be doing it AT LEAST 3 times/week for 45 mins/day.
    You can do dips as someone mentioned, curls, kick backs. . . etc but you'll only be toning a muscle under layers of fat if you aren't also doing cardio.
  6. I recently join ballys total fitness, and they have class called Kwando. I think it's really good for my arms. I really noticed that my arm getting toner & smaller... I've tried lifting weight before but it's not get any smaller. I start this class back in january & I've already feel the result. Maybe you can try that class... basically it's a high repetition in punching & kicking....
  7. snake arms from belly dancing really help tone up arms - especially the 'flappy underarm' look
  8. I'm the type who gets big muscles from working out (arms, legs, doesn't matter) I've just become used to it, and now I kind of like having bigger biceps than many guys!:biguns:
  9. Can anyone recommend some really good exercises I can do at home to reduce the size of my upper arms? I've lost over 20lbs since March but not a smidge off the arms, and I'd love to wear sleeveless but I wont with them looking so bad:yucky:
  10. HHmmm, have u tried doing tricep push-ups, or whateva their called? or skull crushers, tricep kickbacks are really good too!
  11. whats a skullcrusher?
  12. lay on your back w/ a bar in both hands, raise your arms straight up over your face and bend your elbows until the bar is down at your skull.

    Does this make sense?
  13. you can do dips off a chair (which is the tricep push up) and push ups.

    Shadow box w/ dumbells in your hand.

    OR alternating curls (biceps)

    You can also do jumping jacks w/ weights... but very light weights like 3 lb dumbell in each hand.
  14. Swanky-thanks for the explanation it def makes sense:graucho:

    D&G-me+jumping jacks with dumbells=disaster!:rolleyes:
  15. Can anyone let me know how to get my arms toned and defined ala Jen Aniston? Every time I see her arms, especially my upper arms, and then look at mine :throwup: LOL! Does it take a long time to see results if you're faithfull to the exercises?

    any tips would be wonderful, thanks!