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  1. ok ladies. ( and gentlemen)

    When I have time ( usually 4 times a week) I LOVE to go to the gym on campus.

    So, my question is- what is your favorite way to exercise?

    Personally, I LOVE spinning classes, they have this really hard on here- and it's REALLY difficult to get in. :sad: I tried to today, and couldn't because the fitness staff decided to hold a bunch of spinning passes for themselves! ( selfish!!!!)

    I also like step classes, and running outdoors.

    Anyone have an exercise routine they find really effective? I'm looking to pick up fun new ideas. :smile:
  2. hehehe, i always enjoy listening to my friends stories about spinning! hehehe! i've never been a member of a gym.

    for me i'd rather go running along the road, parks, beach side etc.... nothing like fresh air :smile:
  3. I bought a Precor Elliptical machine 2 years ago and have not been to the meat market since (gym); I use it every day, 7 days a week. Best investment ever. :biggrin:
  4. I love cardio kickboxing! I just started a couple weeks ago and it is so fun and a great work out. The instructor is hilarious too, she really gets everyone pumped up.
  5. I love step class and the Stairmaster, personally. I run on the treadmill when I'm feeling especially energetic, but I find it's SO much more difficult than other kinds of cardio. Somehow running just kills me.
  6. I love indoor rowing! work those butts! but i dread the threadmill...
  7. Ok, what do you do in the spinning classes? You just spin around?
  8. My favorite cardio is running. I run 12-15 mpw. Tomorrow is my 5-mile day :biggrin: It's a great form of stress release, and I love blasting my music and forgetting about everything else. I like running in the morning, it puts me in a good mood and gives me more energy.

    I also take Spinning classes and use the elliptical at the gym a couple of times a week, and lift weights 3x a week. I found that weightlifting changed my body the most. It also boosted my metabolism, so I eat more :nuts:
  9. Palates and Yoga are my 6 days a week thing.
  10. exercise? what's that?

    the campus gym here is huuuuuge (i read a news release that said UGA had like the best student gym in the county or something) but it's always SO packed. sometimes it's like an hour wait to get on an eliptical and you're limited to half an hour stints on them. i like exercise that is more than just exercise - hiking, trail walking, rowing, etc. my boyfriend and i have little pontoon paddle boats that are a lot of fun.
  11. I just walk on the treadmill and do sit-ups...THATS IT!:evil: I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I wish I had your discipline!:evil: :lol:
  13. I have NOTHING to say to you!:evil: :nuts: :lol:
  14. my dad runs at least five miles a morning and usually goes to the gym after work...he used to run marathons.

    so i'll tell you what i tell him:


    but, it probably bodes well for you because he's nearly sixty and looks to be in his late 40s, tops.
  15. Boxfit, or the eliptical machine. I think they're the easiest way to take your mind away from that horrific pain ! I hear hot yoga is really great too, but I've just been too lazy to drag myself to the studio.