Exercise Videos - Any good?

  1. Ok, i've just bought a fitness DVD - Charlie Brooks, Before and After (former TV soap star)

    I'm determined i'm going to make it work, and by Xmas i'll have the body of a supermodel:graucho:

    Anyway, joking aside, in your opinions ladies, do these exercise vids really work?

    And if so, which ones? And which ones should be avoided at all costs..?

    I have a pretty good, balanced diet already, so i'm not worried about the food side of things.:P

    Thanks y'all!!:flowers:
  2. There are some really great videos out there. I personally like The Firm. I've been letting those ladies kick my butt for the last 15 years! I love their latest Transfirmer System which you can check out at firmdirect.com.
  3. Thanks Molls, will go and check it out - sounds like fun!!:yahoo:
  4. I personally looove Christi Taylor workouts, she has some really good DVDs with a big variety! I actually had some good results from her workouts, made me sweat like there is no tomorrow lol :smile:
  5. ^^That good eh!?:graucho: ;)

    So....would you say that the high intensity vids work better, or the ones that have a combination of all the exercises?:flowers:
  6. I swear by Cindy Crawford's The Next Challenge dvd.... it's the best in the world!
  7. I really like Joanna Hall. She is a fitness and diet instructor that has her own website and has been on This Morning - it is a morning tv show in the UK. I bought her video about 4/5 years ago and I really like it. It works if you use it regularly. Good lukc on your hunt. Let me know if you find any other ones you like.
  8. Denise Austin has a few good ones. I like the Ultimate Fat Burner, that is an intense workout.
  9. I really love The Firm DVD's. They work for me and tone me up.
  10. I wanted to loose fat and for me it was perfect, i think its better to start with something not too challenging, if you want to loose fat you should make sure your heart rate doesnt go to high, if it does then you are just training your heart - hence the word cardio. But at the end of the day, whatever dvd you choose the most important aspect is still DIET. You can exersice all you want but without the right foods its all useless. So GOOD for you for making a good food choice :smile:)))

    Oh and the choice of DVD should also depend on what you want to achieve, is it weight loss, fat loss or tone?
  11. I work up a good sweat with Billy Blanks Tae Bo.
  12. I swear by the original billy blanks taebo tapes they work great! With great results, I was never so toned and lost tons of weight. However, they are very hard to find on Dvd.

  13. Thanks!!! I guess i just want to tone up really, i'm a UK size 10 so i'm happy with my size, i just want to be a bit less wobbly...:P

    I eat pretty well and i have a good basic body shape, it's just having kids does something to a womans body....:hysteric:
  14. ^^ Tae bo, yeah i've heard good things about that:yes:

    Thanks for the suggestions ladies:heart:

    Anyone know of any more that myself, or others, might enjoy?:flowers:
  15. Leslie Sansone. You can up the intensity by adding weights. I lost 30 lbs. with her videos in a little over four months.