Exercise & Periods - Question

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  1. I was just wondering:

    Do you ladies feel well enough during your period to go to the gym? AF came today and I'm a miserable, bloated, crampy mess. I'm not sure I even want to see the gym for the next 5-6 days, but I just started going so I don't want to be skipping already! Today is not a gym day for me but I wanted to go in and do some weight training - unfortunately Mother Nature prefers that I'm curled up in bed in utter misery while the football team kicks around in my pelvic region.

    So if you do go to the gym during your period, do you find that it helps with cramps and bloating and the whole works? Or are you like me and prefer to skip the workout and curl up in bed until the cramping and bloating subside? TIA!
  2. Yes, even though you don't feel like it the exercise will help with the cramps and bloating.
    Good luck!!
  3. Exercise helps with the cramps and bloating. Ever since I started working out my periods are much less painful.
  4. all of the above.
  5. Yes, I still go to the gym even if I have my period. Exercise helps with the cramps and bloating. I menstruate less when I exercise. Hope that is not too much information
  6. Yes I keep on my routine same as always. If you have extreme pains that keep you from activities you should consult with your OBgyn.
  7. i just take my period as my rest days, i hate the feel of heavy flow mid-action (kwim?) and these days i swim instead of gym and i don't like tampons. plus feeling bloated and having to stuff myself into a swimsuit... yikes, no thanks.
  8. Even if I have a lot of cramping I try and exercise. Even though it's a challenge to get there my experience tells me that gentle cardio works wonders against cramping and feeling tired and sluggish.
  9. I usually take off the first day or two (use up my rest days for the week), or I at least go a little easier on myself if I go to the gym anyway. I get really weak and tired during my period so I have to be sure not to wear myself out.
  10. I guess I can't relate. I have never understood feeling miserable during your period, or even through pregnancy for that matter. For me, life goes on as usual. It's not that I don't have any symptoms (because I do), but I just ignore them and carry on with my daily routines - including exercise.

  11. This is me - the whole ick factor doesn't do it for me at all - UGH!

    But I will be going to the gym on Monday - I won't have any cramps or bloating then. Thanks for your responses guys! Hopefully next time she visits the cramps and bloating will be manageable enough so that I can exercise as normal.
  12. I still workout, I feel much better after I workout.
  13. I take seasonale just so I wouldn't have to deal with having my periods interrupt my workout schedule. When they do come, it's my excuse for a week off.
  14. I agree 100%. I do get the typical bloating , feeling like crap, but as Vhdos said above life does goes on when it's that time of month. For example today I had all the period symptoms I just went to the gym did a HIT run and felt like a millon bucks after. I do firmly believe exerise helps a lot with the bloating/pain and my period not as long and heavy.
  15. You are lucky. The cramps and other symptoms I get on the first day or two can be excruciating. I will literally bend over in pain sometimes. Other times I literally say "ow" because a sharp pain will come out of nowhere and I can't control my reaction it's so bad. I have gone to the gym anyway during that sometimes but it is rough and now I just try to take it easy and not torture myself.