Exercise for those with limited mobility

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  1. Does anyone know of any effective weight-loss exercises for people with limited mobility and vertigo, specifically for people suffering from Multiple sclerosis?
  2. You should consult a physical therapist for that..they should have some ideas.
  3. ^ Agreed with Jill. Physical therapists should be able to help get a regime for that
  4. I would ask a doctor before trying this, but check out www.chairdancing.com . Chairdancing consists of effective seated exercises for all ages, and my arthritis-afflicted mom swears by the dvds.
  5. thanks, very much! Someone in my life has MS. Sometimes, she is totally alright, but, when she goes out of remission it is pretty scary for her, she is frustrated, unable to walk without falling down, and gains weight which makes her depressed (quite a cycle!). Her Physical Therapist is great and she is on the exercise bike with him and forever doing special work on her balance, but his ideas are a bit limited, boring, and she has to go to his office to do them.

    They aren't so into new exercise ideas around here! She says she is not forbidden from doing any exercises, she just can't do them without falling over...yoga is good for her (well, some of it)...

    Thank you, Janos614, I am going to have a look at that chair dancing video for her...that sounds great!

    She is a very active and extremely positive person; she is always looking for ways to survive her flare-ups. Knowing her, she will think of her next one as a “chance to try out those new chair exercises!” Ok, I am going to have a look…

    Thanks a million!
  6. ^ I am so sorry about your friend....Thats a tough disease...she is lucky to have you as a support system
  7. The chair idea sounds great. Also maybe some work out tapes may be limited to mat activity and she could always improvise. I bet with some helpful outside minds and thoughts she could come up with great ideas!

    She sounds like she has a great spirit and drive. Good for her!!!
  8. She may also want to check out exercise videos for seniors- if she can get past the old people on the dvd :P, she'll find the exercises to be quite gentle.

    www.Collagevideo.com has the most in-depth reviews for exercise videos, as does Amazon. The instructors at Collage Video actually test every video and the user feedback is quite helpful! Collage Video is a bit more expensive, but they have a much wider variety of VHS and DVDs.
  9. I think I am the lucky one! One time, I was visiting her in the hospital, and her cell phone rings...it is a friend of hers who doesn't know she has just had a lumbar puncture...she is there, on the phone, comforting her friend who is ranting about some little difficulty, and my friend just listens, and offers support...never letting on that in fact she is lying flat on her back in the hospital!...she is amazing. She could use a break!
  10. thank you, so much, for all of the great ideas! It is such a common malady, if there are other people with MS on this forum, maybe they have some ideas on how I can ease her load and be supportive without making her feel like a "sick person"? I appriciate all of the great feedback!
  11. My former mother in law to be is fairly far down the MS road. Her Dr's have her doing pool exercises which have been a tremendous help to her. She joined a seniors (for the pace) pool exercise class...They are even offered for really cheap at the YMCA - she just needs extra help getting in and out of the pool itself.
  12. this is a very good idea... water is a very healing thing....:yes:
  13. She should also check out a recumbent stationary bike. I have one of these as I have arthritis in my hip and upright stationary bikes make my hip and leg hurt. The great think about the recumbents is that they are lower and have full back support.
  14. I would highly suggest having her evaluated by a physical therapist, since I am one. You can call around and find a clinic with a therapeutic pool.
    Also, modify any exercise. She is going to have to use whatever is working at the time to build muscle and if she has tight muscles I would suggest having a physical therapist start stretching them. The therapist in turn can teach the family or you how to help her with this.
    MS support groups are also available and look on the web to see if there are any exercises recommended. I would highly recommend using therapists from a rehabilitation clinic/rehab center that provides outpatient services, because they are used to treating neurological problems, rather that just a free standing outpatient clinic as many of those therapists specialize in orthopeadics.