Exercise for LVs!!!

  1. Hi ladies, I've been trying to lose the same 5kg for the last 6 years, but I hate, hate, HATE exercise with a passion. I'm horrible with team sport (no coordination, can't throw or catch to save my life (trust me, I've been smacked in the head with various implements enough times to instinctively learn to duck, rather than catch), no sport-competitive bone in my body, etc). Add to that, I'm very good at making up excuses why not to exercise, - it's too cold, it's too hot, I've got the sniffles, it's too windy, my knees feel funny, I'm too tired.... the list goes on.

    DH has been trying his darnest, - trying to get me to join a gym or get a personal fitness instructor. Hehehe.. but did I say I have a million excuses? Anyway, (sorry for the novel), I was reading the Oprah mag last night, and there was an article about a lady who detests exercise as much as I do, and she interviewed various research psychiatrists to try and look into ways of re-programming herself. The answer was to find the right reward.

    After some negotiation, and yes, I still refuse to join a gym, DH and I have agreed that I will have to exercise for my new LVs this year. $20 to walk the dog for at least 30 minutes. Sam is going to love this, he has been getting chubby and lazy due to the lack of exercise. And $10 for each pilates session I do (I had purchased 3 pilates DVD, but never got around to using them...). I've drawn up an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the total, with my wishlist of bags for this year. I will attempt to exercise 5 times a week. I have three bags on my list this year, and I want to exercise my way to all of them! DH says I'm not allowed to 'supplement' the pot with present money, - they will have to be earned outright. Darn!!

    Wish me luck, ladies. Hopefully, I will finally lose the 5kg this year!
  2. GOOD LUCK! You can do it..Sometimes it just takes finding the right fun exercise that fits your lifestyle..Mine is Aerobics..LOVE STEP aerobics.
    Maybe go to a gym and try different classes may help too?
  3. That sounds great. Also try Carmen Electra's workout DVDs. They really are fun to do.
  4. Sounds like a great idea, I've never been into exercise either. I was always super skinny growing up and then I hit my late 20s and something happened. I gained like 20lbs, lost 10 of it though. But I still feel uncomfortable with myeslf, so I need to get motivated to exercise and I like your plan of exercise for the LVs....maybe I'll try that out!:yes:
  5. Jill: Thanks for the encouragement! Gyms are a PITA to have to drive there, park, come home sweaty to shower. I've got a mental block about using public showers, unless absolutely necessary.

    Batgirl0711: Thanks!

    bgcutiepie00: Ditto! I was super skinny (way too skinny) when I was younger, - couldn't put on weight for years. Then, new country, new food, and whamo! I need to lose 5kg to get to a healthy trim look. I'd love to have someone to keep on track with!
  6. Good luck.
  7. This is a fabulous idea. My friend Jodie and I have agreed to be "Accountability Partners." We are both trying to drop some pounds as well as make positive choices. It helps to have motivation.
  8. Incentive is always good!!!

    I used to have goals for myself then would buy new jeans etc etc.. similar set up! Although I wish someone would give me money for each goal I make rather than having to spend on myself! :roflmfao: Good luck!!
  9. theglamorous: Thanks!

    kymmie: Thanks! It is good to have external support. DH will keep me in check, - I'm aiming for at least $80 worth of exercise a week. :p

    Megs: Absolutely! I feel guilty enough spending money on expensive bags, so in a way, this does alleviate the guilt a little. The bad thing is that I'm already calculating how much exercise I would need to get a Hermes Kelly! :shame:
  10. I had the same problem, I couldn't gain wait forever and I always thought, I'm lucky I'll never gain too much weight! Boy was I wrong!!!:shame:
    I need someone to keep me on track too, I have to have someone on me to workout. Its really hard for me to keep motivated. Maybe we could help each other!:yes:
  11. I was just like you. I have started to run just to get away from things and this led me to my new found life of exercise!!!! For me I tell myself "there is no excuse get up and do it!" Then when I'm out there and I'm on my 5th mile I tell myself "If I came this far I can do one more! No limit!, No limit!" I can do it!!!!!
  12. That's such an awesome idea, what a supportive DH! Good luck! What LVs are on your wishlist? I hate exercise too, I can definitely relate! I'd rather go to the dentist, I swear.
  13. Who will pay for your new wardrobe? :smile:
  14. bgcutiepie00: Ditto. I thought I'd be skinny forever. Sigh... I'd love to have an exercise buddy. I'll PM you my e-mail address! I'll send you my Excel spreadsheet, - maybe it will suit you?

    Baggaholic: Well done! Wow, I hope I can stay motivated like you. Thanks!!!

    fashionista7: Thanks!! DH is a sweetie, - although I think the years of me complaining about the 5kg has worn him down... hehehe. I'm eyeing the Segur MM in red, Jasmin (probably pre-owned) and Sophie (fingers crossed that it gets here!)

    BTBF: I'm one of those sad individuals who keep the clothes I can no longer get into, so I have heaps of smaller clothes. I'm a Size 4 at the moment, and I should be a Size 2. But trust me, I'll be out shopping when I drop the dress size!
  15. Wish I could talk my DH into this! Maybe in a year when I am done school and making money. Right now he's too worried about money.