Executive Tote or Diamond Stitch?

  1. I'm so torn between the two! Which bag do you like better? It's gonna be my last bag until a long time. If only I can get both, but I don't see that's happening.:sweatdrop:

  2. Executive! And it's on your wishlist! ;)
  3. The executive/cerf since its a classic bag and will be instyle longer. I bought the diamond stitch in both white and black. I liked them both, but something just didn't work for me so I returned both. On the other hand, I plan on getting a cerf with gold hardware soon.
  4. Exec / Cerf ... :tup:
  5. LOL! It was until i found out that it's quite big, even bigger than the GST. I'm afraid it might be too big for my everyday need.:push:
  6. Yeah. I really like the Diamond Stitch. I almost got it as my first Chanel bag. But my bf and SA didn't like it. They told me to get the GST instead. LOL
  7. My vote goes out to the Executive :smile:
  8. I vote for the Executive too ;)
  9. Really? Why don't you gals like the diamond stitch? That's gonna be my first one ...
  10. Cerf! I bought both and the DS just never grew on me. It just didn't have the usage thrill of the Cerf/Executive, which I love to carry.
  11. my vote goes to the executive....
  12. I love the Diamond Stitch.
  13. I love my large diamond stitch too, and is almost my everyday bag:smile: but pick whatever you love the best! G/L.
  14. One more vote for the Cerf, its more structured and a great functional tote for work.
  15. Exec/cerf too