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  1. When it comes to working out and eating healthy, I am the QUEEN of excuses. I somehow take the bits of information I have heard/read/learned, and morph them into excuses for laziness or overeating.

    Example #1: I read that if you do sit-ups the WRONG way, you could actually be making your stomach BIGGER.

    Result: Every time I do sit ups, I'm convinced I am doing them wrong and just STOP. :shocked:

    Example #2: It's better to eat a few small meals a day rather a 3 big ones.

    Result: What exactly do they mean by SMALL? I'll end up snacking/eating a ton of things throughout the day, convincing myself I am doing exactly what the health enthusiasts suggest! :shame:

    Can someone brainwash me back into the RIGHT state of mind? And what is the "correct" way of doing a sit-up anyway? I hate my tummy...:yucky:
  2. For sit ups,

    Lie on your back, with the small of your back pressed in to the floor so you lie as flat to the floor as possible. Knees should be parallel to hips I think, and gently raise your head up. It is not so much about how high you lift up, but if you put a hand on your tummy as you lift up, you should feel your lower tummy muscle tighten. If you can do 50 a day, maybe 25 am and 25 pm you should see a difference! When you lie down, put your hands behind your head, but don't lift from the floor by pushing your head up with your hands.
  3. *nodding my head enthusiastically* Oh yes, I will admit that I was in the same boat as you not to long ago! I finally had to admit to myself that I am not a health expert. (that was step 1)

    I joined the summer challenge here on PF, that Cristina started and used it as a small step. I am slowly taking the time to find out more about nutrition and exercise. So, now I am at least becoming more aware of what am I currently doing? What is my eating style and diet doing to me? (step 2)

    Next, I tried to incorporate some of the simple changes into my lifestyle. (step 3) Things like:
    - drinking tons of water - I still have no idea how much I should be drinking, but I am learning to tune into my bodies needs... it seems some days it wants more water than others.
    - walking is exercise! - I have started with simple 30 minute walks during my lunch breaks at work (3-4 times a week)... the results are Fab! and walking is easy!!
    - Veggies, fruits, yogurt, fish... are good for you. I am trying to slowly add these things back into my lifestyle.
    - walking lunges aren't so bad - I bought my very first 10lb weights, and following detailed instructions I tried them. I like the instant firming that I am seeing and I am no longer scared of them!

    I don't think this will suffice for "good brainwashing," I think what I am trying to say is that I too suffered from information overload! But, by reading up on simple things (and I will continue to add to them) I am seeing amazing results and gaining major confidence that I can ACTUALLY take care of myself correctly!! Amazing, right?!? There is now 5 pounds less of me. I know you can do it too!!!

    If the isn't motivation enough ....

    *~*~* "Look in to my EYES ... you are getting sleepy... SLEEPY... when I snap my fingers... you will AWAKE... and you will no longer be scared by healthy stuff.... you will want to learn more about sit ups... *~*~* LOL!! I hope that helps!!